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Stock trading performance using standard money management in 2020

Hi, my name is Monica and my passionate love affair with financial markets, economics, marketing and writing is a common knowledge.

I’m sure you know my site, Twitter, Telegram or Youtube together with broad offerings for investors and traders alike.

Yet, you may have learned first about me when I became the author of Stock Trading Alerts in early 2020.

What a smashing ride enriching many of you!

That‘s my great reward, that‘s why I am doing it all.

Stock trading performance using standard money management in 2020

A picture speaks a thousand words – that‘s the equity curve of all the trades I entered and exited (with my own Standard Money Management applied) when taking care of Sunshine Profits‘ Stock Trading Alerts over almost 9 months (of course, after my departure, it‘s quite a different product). I’m more than happy and relieved to leave Sunshine Profits.

Crucially, I have not rested on laurels. First, I have yet again sharpened the lifelong chart and market reading edge that inspired me to enter and exit these trades in the first place. Remember the extensive essays I‘ve been presenting you daily with back then – how I interpreted charts, and what I chose to either listen to or ignore from these market snapshots to deliver winning trades. Second, see how I improved the S&P 500 trading results through adjusting risk per open trades (with my own Advanced Money Management applied).

Stock trading performance using advanced money management in 2020

Full details about both money management techniques in live action, are available at the portfolio Performance page. That‘s the key message here – robust tweak of money management and new tools into my arsenal plus independence since 2021, equals my very own Stock Trading Signals. As regards my affection for gold, I‘ve transformed the occasional gold analyses into a quality daily offering, the Gold Trading Signals. And as time went by, I also introduced Oil Trading Signals, Copper Trading Signals and Bitcoin Trading Signals for swing traders and investors – and broad intraday services for daytraders together with my great partner Ellin.

Please definitely start with checking how I approach money and open trade management – it will greatly help you understand my trading position calls in daily (intraday) analyses.

My promise to you – dedication, and sound & profitable trading decisions as best as I can. See more on how I view the real value you get from your trading analyst. You‘ll learn a lot about my refined ways of navigating the markets day in, day out – and intraday too. Yes, nothing stands in the way of my active trading style now. See for yourself what others have written.

This is what I can do for you – my portfolio chart performance since Jan 2021 (explanations at my homepage):

Clear analyses, spelled out plans, unbound Q&As – straight from the gut as always. Your interests come first, and it’s my pleasure to help you make sense of the markets. Keep your comments and questions coming!

Stocks, precious metals, commodities or cryptos – investing and (day)trading – I‘m here for you – and thankfully totally independent now.

My Trading Story

Trading and investing can more than help you get the most out of life. To make your dreams come true. To free up your time to do what you love the most, whatever it is.

My life experience follows, partially inspired by how I wrote it in early 2020 for Sunshine Profits publishing my profile at its company section. These are the immutable facts – what I did, why and when.

Trading and investing is about passion and humility in analyzing the markets. Composed and being in the zone, the trader is objective and adaptive in adjusting to the shifts in the market character, in making sure the charted course is still the right one. It’s daily self-development, and I’m proud to say I’ve started my own one in earnest since Ben Bernanke came in as the Fed Chairman, remembering very well Alan Greenspan, the internet bubble, or the 1997 Asian crisis. Skills and abilities coupled with senses and sensibilities, it‘s been a tremendous journey – and blessed are those cherishing its every moment.

It’s certainly so with me. Apart from finance and the markets, it just the same with my other professions and heart-inspired callings. You see, the Masters Degree in Economics with major in economic policy, prepared me thoroughly for central banking career or for various think tanks, yet where are the clients, or consumers? Mathematical or statistical skills are great, but what if I love the people part and psychology to truly better their lives? Unsurprisingly, marketing was my choice, and I went for its most prestigious and demanding area as my first field of vocation: FMCG, fast-moving consumer goods. Travelling and often living abroad, I could make use of quite a few languages other than English, and picked up more than a handful more (Greek is so splendid!).

But where to make good use of macroeconomics than in finance again? Even back at the university, trading the markets and their psychology drew me in. Buyers and sellers meet at the right prices, at every moment. Imbalances are resolved with a price move, and reading the order flow is another edge. Seasoned technical analysis with its overlays, indicators and intermarket analysis that help identify trend or chop, meets sectoral analysis, money stock and flow, and valuations. Building and backtesting trading systems to see them succeed live – I am into actual trading in different market contexts, using varied strategies over many timeframes, all in the name of adaptability and profitability.

Markets love stories meaningful enough to power their moves, and this is where narratives come into the picture. Headline risk is the ever-present, triggering more or less sustainable gyrations – and commodities such as gold and oil can react even more sensitively than stock indices, credit markets or currencies. Check the status of the real economy, consider the incoming data and economic policy projections, and you pretty much know where in the stock, bond or commodity cycle you’re. Constantly feeling the wind in a virtuous circle – as a trader, analyst and journalist.

There are true game changers, and there are contradictions and white noise. Even red herrings. Telling them apart is where advanced PhD. studies in polithology, history and foreign relations of Greece help but nothing beats the everlasting interest in economic, political and societal swings. The same goes for my even longer enthusiasm about holistic medicine and complex living systems. Broad and rich experience to the rescue in digging deeper in uncovering the truth. That means correct interpretation of the macroeconomic, fundamental and technical so as to keep on the right side of market moves. Macro, intermarket and technical – savvy trading rules!

Thus before you could say Jack Robinson, my second field of vocation naturally emerged more than 14 years ago! What a humbling, splendid and amazing journey it has been… Here I am, having made it through the ups and downs in the dozens of markets and instruments traded, using the refined skills and senses for You to profit – offering premium, personal(ized) boutique experience (talking to you 1:1 as I want you to keep making it) since Jul 2022, spanning both institutional and retail.

Thank You for spending the time to learn about me. Go through the comprehensive Stock Trading Signals archive, and let me treat you then to premium all-inclusive Trading Signals publication, or the stock market only Stock Signals, or any intraday offering or combination thereof – and experience the daily results.

At Your service, with care,
The warm Texas way,

Monica Kingsley
Twitter: @Monica___K
Telegram channel: M_Kingsley
Patreon: MonicaKingsley

PS #1 (Jan 2021) As I can’t earn as a finance professional for 12 months, I’ve launched my personal blog and will be helping you out in 2021 absolutely for free. I‘ll be honored to improve your lives the way I did to the many hundreds and thousands before already. Should you insist upon sending me a donation (in no relation to all my efforts, and totally voluntary and unsolicited), please contact me and I‘ll accept with deep gratitude.

PS #2 (Jul 2022) Since publishing this Bio in late Jan 2021, much has happened – I’m very happy to be providing premium services to you, my loyal and growing audience!
Boutique financial offering!

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