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Thank you for joining Monica’s Trading Signals (resp. Monica’s Stock Signals) – your Account has been set up successfully.

Please check your mailbox, and click the confirmation link sent right after you’ve filled out this form.
Once you do that, you will be able to receive my mailings whenever a new regular analysis is published.
If you don’t click the link, you’re still a member and can sign into your Account, but won’t receive instant notifications when such a new post is up.

If you don’t find the confirmation link in your mailbox immediately delivered, check your junk / spam folder & whitelist mk@monicakingsley.co and my domain while adding me to your contacts as well please.
In case of any issues, just drop me an email to sort it out.

Ignore the Monica’s Insider Club sign in screens and notifications (including error notifications e.g. about not being eligible to purchase this item) you’d be next shown – these settings of my mailing service can’t be changed.
Rest assured you’ve been added to the Monica’s Trading Signals list (resp. Monica’s Stock Signals list) successfully – I’m keeping a close eye on every new client account being set up properly from the get-go.

Don’t forget that the daily analysis is the comprehensive presentation while the mailings contain merely the rich intro / summary and position details.
Make sure you benefit the most through reading the full daily reports available to Monica’s Trading Signals subscribers.
Your free Account of Monica’s Insider Club remains unaffected.

In order to read all the premium analytical parts that are not shared over email (essentially the chart sections), you first have to log in to your account on my site after visiting the article’s URL (e.g. through clicking the link in the premium mailing, or visiting my site directly). Depending on the publication you chose, your premium content is then unlocked (including the archives), and you can ignore the red box(es) talking about the other publication that you haven’t chosen.

Thank you,

Monica Kingsley

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