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Jul 06, 2021 – The Rise of Precious Metals and Commodities – S&P 500 closed Friday on a strong note, and as the holiday-shortened week is usually accompanied by positive seasonality, it would be reasonable to expect extension of gains. Is therre any show stopper at the moment? MORE>>

Jul 02, 2021 – Roaring Comeback of Reflation and Commodities – S&P 500 broadening leadership and fresh reflationary ATHs are here – the FOMC „tightening“ hit notwithstanding. Energy, financials and industrials I discussed yesterday and before, were… MORE>>

Jul 01, 2021 – Stocks Up But Look At Metals and Oil – S&P 500 is again at new highs, but driven by value this time. Not that tech would disappoint, but heavyweights paused. Credit markets remained… MORE>>

Jun 30, 2021 – High Returns in Real Assets and Tech – S&P 500 at new highs, is the predictable daily refrain almost. Risk-on credit markets and not so risk-on stock market sectoral overview, aren‘t an obstacle as tech can be depended upon for the delivery of gains. The degree of… MORE>>

Jun 29, 2021 – The Run Ignoring Inflation – S&P 500 reached new highs powered by technology, even as value or Russell 2000 took a daily breather. With VIX going nowhere, and the put/call ratio turning complacent, the path of least resistance remains higher, and not even… MORE>>

Jun 28, 2021 – Stock ATHs, Hesitant Metals and Simmering Inflation – S&P 500 keeps powering to new highs, and little wonder – thanks to the infrastructure stimulus euphoria. The return of (at least some) strength into value stocks at expense of… MORE>>

Jun 25, 2021 – Jumping the Fed Tightening Ship – S&P 500 powered higher after the daily pause, yet its solid gains don‘t have such a risk-on feel as the credit markets do. Depending on tech heavyweights for… MORE>>

Jun 24, 2021 – Stocks Love the Back and Forth with the Fed – S&P 500 declined, but the risk-off move looks exaggerated, of base building before another upswing flavor – just as I wrote in yesterday‘s summary. VIX is trending down again, and… MORE>>

Jun 23, 202 – Intraday Update for Stocks #1 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

Jun 23, 2021 – Dialing Back the Fed Fears for Now – S&P 500 extended gains as the Powell testimony calmed the markets that the punch bowl isn‘t going away „any day now“ – that urgent… MORE>>

Jun 22, 2021 – Calling the Fed‘s Bluff – S&P 500 risk-on trading yesterday confirmed that it would have indeed been too early to write off value stocks. Financials, energy sprang higher, accompanied by… MORE>>

Jun 21, 2021 – Fed Didn‘t Tame Inflation – As resilient as it had been before Wednesday, S&P 500 met selling pressure on Friday, including the best performing tech sector. Bullard‘s comments on the „inflation surprise“ and first rate hike before 2022 is over – are they… MORE>>

Jun 17, 2021 – FOMC Surprise Takeaways – The Fed didn‘t play ostrich on inflation, but didn‘t take action either. While acknowledging that 2021 inflation would come at 3.4%, it hinted at 2 rate hikes before 2023 is over – and didn‘t mention… MORE>>

Jun 16, 2021 – Inflation Tipping Point – S&P 500 hasn‘t extended Monday‘s gains, continuing to trade in a cautious, tight range. Not that it would be driven by Treasury yields that much on a daily basis – the tech breather was one day delayed, but… MORE>>

Jun 14, 2021 – Why Inflation Trades Have Further to Run – S&P 500 ran out of steam shortly after Friday‘s open, yet caught fire before the close. The sectoral disbalance driven by retreating yields went on, and tech remains still the… MORE>>

Jun 11, 2021 – Inflation Bets – Squaring or Not – S&P 500 shook off another record making inflation reading, and bond markets couldn‘t be happier. Volatility is back down, but the option traders… MORE>>

Jun 10, 2021 – Inflation Storm Coming – S&P 500 going nowhere, repelling selling pressure concentrated to value as tech mostly defended the daily ground – that‘s a fair… MORE>>

Jun 09, 2021 – Risk Off Markets, Seriously? – S&P 500 hard at work erasing that early bear raid, but the bulls managed to stage a comeback. Yet, the risk off atmosphere is palpable in bonds, rallying as if no inflation were on the horizon. Or as if…. MORE>>

Jun 08, 2021 – One Last Hooray Before CPI? – S&P 500 downswing was rejected but did it need to happen in the first place? Squaring the bets before Thursday‘s CPI doesn‘t appear to be underway – the risk-on sentiment reigns still in the credit markets, but… MORE>>

Jun 07, 2021 – Where Next in the Taper Drama – S&P 500 duly rose on the little weaker than expected non-farm payrolls as the taper theme (start of discussions moving to serious contemplation) got dialed back. The Fed‘s forward guidance… MORE>>

Jun 04, 2021 – Another Taper Mirage Comes and Goes – S&P 500 succumbed to the bears – partially. The ADP figures lifted the dollar and put Treasury yields under pressure, which equals encouraging speculation that taper is coming. Rest assured,…. MORE>>

Jun 03, 2021 – When Markets Get Scared and Reverse – S&P 500 wasted another good opportunity to rise – one where the credit markets were largely aligned. Is it a sign of upcoming tremors that… MORE>>

Jun 02, 2021 – Reversals, Inflation, and Scares of Any Kind – S&P 500 stumbled in its upward run again, but has it been decisively so? VIX has risen, the put/call ratio as well – but that‘s… MORE>>

Jun 01, 2021 – No More Bloodbath – Beyond Cryptos – S&P 500 again rejected within sight of ATHs – again, but not totally convincingly. Especially the credit markets‘ mixed picture leans… MORE>>

May 28, 2021 – Buy the Dip, Again?! – S&P 500 attempted a breakout, but retreated. Is that a reversal, or proof of more pressure building up? Much starker move… MORE>>

May 27, 2021 – Hanging by a Proverbial Thread – S&P 500 in a tight range with bearish undertones in the credit markets – but where is the decline? Given the ample Fed support, don‘t count on… MORE>>

May 26, 2021 – Intraday Update for Stocks #1 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

May 26, 2021 – Eerily Serene Risk-off Markets – S&P 500 had a mixed day, and the credit market underlines the shift to risk-off. Halfway shift, to be precise – the high yield corporate bonds… MORE>>

May 25, 2021 – Intraday Update for Stocks #1 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

May 25, 2021 – Option Traders Are a Bit Too Calm Again – S&P 500 rose once again, and the slight retreat before the close isn‘t an issue in light of constructive credit markets. Tech, communications,… MORE>>

May 24, 2021 – Inflation Easing, Now What? – S&P 500 refused to keep early gains, and reversed back into no man‘s land – on little convincing volume. For now, we remain chopping below my 4,180s level, conquering which… MORE>>

May 21, 2021 – Tug of War and Its Profitable Resolution – S&P 500 bid is improving in breadth, and the fake moves rich consolidation‘s lows are getting more distant. And they are likely to stay that way as the market… MORE>>

May 20, 2021 – Markets Rising from the Ashes – S&P 500 caught a partial bid yesterday, enough to stave off the break of prior Wednesday‘s lows. All isn‘t fine under the surface though as yet another Fed trial baloon… MORE>>

May 19, 2021 – Bug in Search of Windshield – S&P 500 lackluster performance gave way to heavy selling right before the close, when the wheels came simultaneously off the stock and corporate bond market just as the prior Wednesday. This time though,… MORE>>

May 18, 2021 – Credit Market Wheels in Danger of Coming Off? – SPX backing and filling worthy of Monday‘s session – with important rotations below the surface. Namely, tech and Nasdaq… MORE>>

May 17, 2021 – Same Old Song and Dance – Almost – Pendulum keeps swinging back into the S&P 500 bullish camp, as the Nasdaq rebound was mightily aided by rising long-dated Treasuries while value couldn‘t care less about… MORE>>

May 14, 2021 – Is the Selling Madness About Over? – The inflation scare amplified by CPI data has died down yesterday a little. Buying returned into the S&P 500, lifting Nasdaq ever so little too. VIX steeply rejected… MORE>>

May 13, 2021 – Everything Going Down the Inflation Drain? – The inflation scare amplified by CPI data caught the mainstream off guard, and the S&P 500 made no attempt at the opening gap. Both… MORE>>

May 12, 2021 – Bulls Coming to Terms with Inflation – Bulls had to fight hard to recover from intraday downside, and hadn‘t managed to close the menacing gap at the open. MORE>>

May 11, 2021 – Bulls Getting Caught in the Whirlwind – Seemingly uneventful and tight range day in S&P 500 gave way to extraordinary selling once the 4,220 intraday support broke – extraordinary by… MORE>>

May 10, 2021 – What‘s Not To Love About These Great Bull Runs? – A bit of selling at the open, and off to new highs – the S&P 500 bulls are taking no prisoners. The long recent… MORE>>

May 07, 2021 – Ready for More Hot Gold and Stocks Profits – One final attempt to go down before reversing to strong gains all the way to the closing bell – the S&P 500 returned to… MORE>>

May 06, 2021 – Stocks and Gold – Hot and Hotter – The rebound off Tuesday‘s lows continued semisuccessfully yesterday – further upside was rejected in spite of… MORE>>

May 05, 2021 – Janet Smoke and Mirrors – Weak overnight trading gave way to tepid European session with a predictable buying interest at the U.S. open – which fizzled out though… MORE>>

May 04, 2021 – Intraday Update for Stocks #3 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

May 04, 2021 – SPX Correction Arriving or Not? – One more day of upside rejection in S&P 500, in what is now quite a long stretch of prices going mostly sideways. MORE>>

May 04, 2021 – Intraday Update for Stocks #2 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

May 04, 2021 – Intraday Update for Stocks #1 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

May 03, 2021 – Taper Smoke and Mirrors – Once in a while, stocks closed in red – is that a reversal or the most the bears could hope for these days? MORE>>

Apr 30, 2021 – One More Day of Hesitation? – Stocks reached for new ATHs but got slammed down only to recover next. VIX doesn‘t provide… MORE>>

Apr 29, 2021 – Enough Consolidation Already! – Stocks are readying another push higher, and not just on the heels of the still accomodative Fed. The Fed won‘t simply… MORE>>

Apr 28, 2021 – Calm Down, It‘s a Shallow Gold Correction – Stocks keep pushing higher after a day of indecision yesterday, and the signals are largely still very… MORE>>

Apr 27, 2021 – The Inflation Tsunami About to Hit – Stocks went on to push higher yesterday – the pressure is building. Trends in place since… MORE>>

Apr 26, 2021 – No Upsetting the Apple Cart in Stocks or Gold – The tax hike proposal shock is over, and S&P 500 took again on the ATHs on Friday. Buying pressure throughout the day… MORE>>

Apr 23, 2021 – The Tax Plan to Slay the Stock Bull? – A day like almost any other – S&P 500 about to take again on the ATHs until the capital gains tax hike proposal came, shaving off 50 points in stocks within an hour. MORE>>

Apr 22, 2021 – SPX Short Squeeze – Here Or Not? – S&P 500 turned around at the open, and didn‘t look back. Is the selling over, have the markets turned the corner? Buy the dip looks to… MORE>>

Apr 21, 2021 – Intraday Update for Stocks #1 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

Apr 21, 2021 – Gold Unleashed – Rip Your Face Off Rally Is Here – S&P 500 had another day in the the red, and buy the dippers might be tempted to say enough is enough – but I am not convinced yet. MORE>>

Apr 20, 2021 – Gold Reversal? Have No Fear! – S&P 500 closed in the the red, vindicating my bearish sentiment going into Monday‘s session. And as I have tweeted…. MORE>>

Apr 19, 2021 – Pausing Stocks and Gold Fireworks – The S&P 500 went back to relentless rallying on Friday, yet the selling wave before the close looks to indicate… MORE>>

Apr 16, 2021 – Gold Fireworks Doubt the Official Inflation Story – The S&P 500 red candle and then some – erased in a day, that‘s what you get with the Fed always having your back. The staircase climb… MORE>>

Apr 15, 2021 – Stocks, Gold and Commodities Meet the Fed – S&P 500 in the red – unprecedented. Don‘t pin your hopes too high for a (sharp) correction though. Yes, this time stocks listened to the… MORE>>

Apr 14, 2021 – New Day, New ATHs with Gold in the Wings – S&P 500 went up yet again yesterday, and the corporate credit markets‘ non-confirmation quite resolved itself. While the same can‘t be said about… MORE>>

Apr 14, 2021 – Intraday Update for Stocks #1 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

Apr 13, 2021 – Still a Bullish Fever in Stocks? – S&P 500 went nowhere yesterday – just like the prior Monday, heavy buying into Friday‘s close met no follow-up the day after. After almost… MORE>>

Apr 13, 2021 – Intraday Update for Stocks #1 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

Apr 12, 2021 – Stocks or Gold – Which Is in the Catbird Seat? – S&P 500 spurted higher after prior days of tiny gains. Still lining up the upper border of the Bollinger Bands on the daily chart, stocks keep… MORE>>

Apr 09, 2021 – The Curious Staircase Rally in Stocks – Another day of tiny S&P 500 gains defying gravity, boosted by overnight price action. Well, liquidity overpowering junk corporate bonds opening with a bullish gap only to partially… MORE>>

Apr 08, 2021 – Navigating the Tidal Wave of Liquidity – S&P 500 moved marginally higher in spite of its short-term very extended position, powered by liquidity and almost defying… MORE>>

Apr 07, 2021 – On the Verge of Stocks Pullback – S&P 500 is still consolidating Monday‘s sharp gains, showered with liquidity. Yet it seems that eking out further gains is getting… MORE>>

Apr 06, 2021 – New S&P 500 Highs or Metals Rising? – Bullish run in stocks is on, driven by tech gains and value not yielding an inch. A rare constellation given the the long-dated Treasuries performance especially – as if… MORE>>

Apr 05, 2021 – Intraday Update for Stocks #1 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

Apr 05, 2021 – S&P 500 Fireworks and Gold Going Stronger – Bullish run in stocks is on, driven by tech gains and value swinging higher as well. Throughout the markets, risk-on has been… MORE>>

Apr 02, 2021 – Easter Holiday Update for Stocks and Gold – As the markets are closed today with the exception of bond ones, I would like to wish you Happy Easter – and if you don’t celebrate it, enjoy the extra time off, away from the markets, with your closest ones. MORE>>

Apr 01, 2021 – Stock ATHs and Gold Double Bottom – Bullish run in stocks that lost steam before the close – does that qualify as a reversal? Given the other moves such as… MORE>>

Mar 31, 2021 – Stocks, Gold and the Troubling Yields – Yesterday‘s consolidation in stocks was a bullish one, and the S&P 500 upswing has good prospects of proceeding unimpeded. Strange but true if you consider that… MORE>>

Mar 30, 2021 – Liquidity Boost for Stocks and Gold? – Friday‘s great run gave way to yesterday‘s consolidation, and stock bulls appear in need of more before taking out the… MORE>>

Mar 29, 2021 – What Could Slay the Stock & Gold Bulls – Put/call ratio didn‘t lie, and the anticipated S&P 500 upswing came on Friday – fireworks till the closing bell. Starting on Thursday, with the… MORE>>

Mar 26, 2021 – Intraday Update for Stocks #2 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

Mar 26, 2021 – Why It‘s Reasonable to Be Bullish Stocks and Gold – Another day, another reversal – and a positive one for stocks. Universal sectoral weakness gave way to a unison rebound amid constructive outside markets. After… MORE>>

Mar 26, 2021 – Intraday Update for Stocks #1 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

Mar 25, 2021 – Risk-off Is Back Again – Stocks reversed yesterday, and the close below 3,900 indicates short-term weakness instead of muddling through in a tight range. Especially the… MORE>>

Mar 24, 2021 – Why Retreating Yields Don‘t Lift All Boats – Stocks declined but won‘t they run higher next? Tuesday‘s downswing changed precious little, and the… MORE>>

Mar 23, 2021 – Dangerous Game of Chicken – Monday‘s higher stock prices don‘t mean that the sky is the limit now – there were quite a few signs of weakness in related markets as well. MORE>>

Mar 22, 2021 – Tide Is Turning in Stocks and Gold – Friday‘s session ended in a tie, but it‘s the bears who missed an opportunity to win. Markets however dialed back their doubting of… MORE>>

Mar 19, 2021 – Breaking the Spell of Rising Yields – Markets didn‘t buy into the Fed messaging, and quite a few moves were reversed. Stocks declined, commodities got under pressure, and… MORE>>

Mar 18, 2021 – Intraday Update for Stocks #1 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

Mar 18, 2021 – Reversing the Fed Moves? – Fed messaging was rightfully interpreted as dovish – full employment is in effect its single mandate now. Yes, the central bank will tolerate higher inflation, and… MORE>>

Mar 17, 2021 – Intraday Update for Stocks #2 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

Mar 17, 2021 – Squaring the Bets Prior to the Fed – Barely visible, but still a red candle – does yesterday mark a turning point? Even the volatility index refused to decline further… MORE>>

Mar 17, 2021 – Intraday Update for Stocks #1 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

Mar 16, 2021 – Stock Bulls Run – Will Gold Ones Too? – Resting on Friday, surging on Monday. Feeble downswing attempt defeated right after the open, and then just… MORE>>

Mar 15, 2021 – Gold and Stock Bulls Are Getting Ready – Now that stocks closed at new all time highs, the correction is officially over. And what little rest stock bulls could claim last week,… MORE>>

Mar 12, 2021 – Resting Stock Bulls and Gold Question Marks – Stock bulls went right for all time highs yesterday, clearing the 3,900 threshold in this correction – one that is in its very late innings indeed. But the preceding… MORE>>

Mar 11, 2021 – Stocks Bulls Can Take a Rest – But Gold Ones Can‘t – The daily banging on the 3,900 threshold shows in yesterday‘s upper knot, and this milestone has very good chances of being conquered today. More important than the exact timing though, are… MORE>>

Mar 10, 2021 – Stocks Love Rising CPI, and Gold Should Too – Monday‘s reversal I didn‘t trust, gave way to another upswing – still within this getting long in the tooth correction. MORE>>

Mar 09, 2021 – Stocks Shaking Off Weak Tech As Gold Bottoms? – Stocks spiked higher, but not before going sideways to down prior on the day. And the close to the session… MORE>>

Mar 08, 2021 – No More Rocking the Boat in Stocks But Gold? – Stocks sharply reversed intraday, and closed just where they opened the prior Friday. That indicates quite some pressures, quite some… MORE>>

Mar 05, 2021 – Great ADP Figures But Things Can Still Turn Nasty – Powell gave a wait-and-see answer to my yesterday‘s rhetorical question about the bears just starting out, indeed. The S&P 500… MORE>>

Mar 04, 2021 – Are S&P 500 and Precious Metals Bears Just Getting Started? – Scary selling yesterday? See how little the downswing has achieved technically, check out the other characteristics, and you‘ll probably reach the same conclusion I did. MORE>>

Mar 03, 2021 – Weak Jobs Data, Stocks and Gold – Stocks gave up some of Monday‘s strong gains, but I find it little concerning in the sub-3,900 pre-breakout meandering. It‘s about time, and a play on the tech sector… MORE>>

Mar 02, 2021 – What Correction in Stocks? And Gold? – Stocks thoroughly rebounded yesterday, and corporate credit markets did even better. These are optimistic signs as the… MORE>>

Mar 01, 2021 – Stocks, Gold – Rebound or Dead Cat Bounce? – None of Friday‘s intraday attempts to recapture 3,850 stuck, and the last hour‘s selling pressure is… MORE>>

Feb 26, 2021 – Dead Cat Bounce? Bears Aren‘t Taking Prisoners Now – Right from the open, stocks have been losing altitude yesterday, and value couldn‘t indeed overpower the tech slide. Long-dated Treasuries had a climactic day of… MORE>>

Feb 25, 2021 – Why Tech Is Giving Me Jeepers – Watch Out, Gold – Powell testimony is over, with markets rejoicing the promise of still accomodative Fed. Value keeps surging over growth, and regardless of yesterday‘s… MORE>>

Feb 24, 2021 – Tech Holds the Key to S&P 500 – The Powell inspired, coinciding (have your pick) S&P 500 stop run is almost history now, with the futures trading… MORE>>

Feb 23, 2021 – It‘s Only Tech That‘s Sold – Not S&P 500, Gold Or Silver – S&P 500 is getting under modest pressure, and technology is to blame. Is the correction about to turn nasty from sideways? Still… MORE>>

Feb 22, 2021 – Kiss of Life for Gold – The narrow trading range in stocks continues, and the shallow sideways correction will eventually resolve itself with another upleg. The signs are…. MORE>>

Feb 19, 2021 – Why the Sky Is Not Falling in Precious Metals – Stocks are predictably staging a continued recovery from the mostly sideways correction – a shallow one not strong enough to break the bulls‘ back…. The bearish sentiment in gold and miners is running rampant, and it‘s been only yesterday when I… MORE>>

Feb 18, 2021 – S&P 500 Correction – No Need to Hold Onto Your Hat – Yesterday‘s bearish price action in stocks was the kind of shallow, largely sideways correction I was looking for. Not too enthusiastic follow through – just rocking the boat while… MORE>>

Feb 17, 2021 – Is That the S&P 500 And Gold Correction Finally? – The stock bears finally showed they aren‘t an extinct species – merely a seriously endangered one. Yesterday‘s close though gives them a chance to.. MORE>>

Feb 16, 2021 – Still No S&P 500 Correction, Still No Real Change in the Metals – Yesterday‘s thin volume session didn‘t bring any material changes as the window of opportunity for the stock bears to act, is… MORE>>

Feb 15, 2021 – S&P 500 Correction Delayed Again While Silver Runs – The window of opportunity for the stock bears is slowly but surely closing down as Friday‘s gentle intraday peek higher turned into a buying spree before the closing bell. The sentiment readings and put/call ratio are… MORE>>

Feb 12, 2021 – S&P 500 Correction Looming, Just as in Gold – Or Not? – Stocks are clinging to the 3,900 level, and the bulls aren‘t yielding. Without much fanfare, both the sentiment readings and put/call ratio are at the greed and compacent end of the spectrum again. How long can it last, and what… MORE>>

Feb 11, 2021 – Feeling the Growing Heat and Tensions in Stocks? – Yesterday was a prelude, a little preview of things to come. We better get used to brief and shallow corrections again, after being… MORE>>

Feb 10, 2021 – Stocks Ripe for a Breather As Gold and Silver Remain Strong – Both the upside and downside in stocks appears limited as these keep cooling off not far away from recent highs. Yesterday‘s session sent us a telling signal that the bears might wake up from their stupor briefly. Largely though,… MORE>>

Feb 09, 2021 – PMs Charging Higher As Stocks Keep Pushing On a String – Stocks keep cooling off at their highs, and calling for a correction still seems to be many a fool‘s errand. Does it mean all is fine in the S&P 500 land? MORE>>

Feb 08, 2021 – Gold About To Spring As Stocks Cool Off At Highs – Stock bulls aren‘t yielding an inch of ground, and technically they have precious few reasons for doing so. It‘s still strong the stock market bull, and standing in its way isn‘t really advisable. With the S&P 500 at new highs, … MORE>>

Feb 05, 2021 – More Than a Snapback Rally in Gold As Stocks Keep Marching – Stock bulls aren‘t wavering, and the upswing continues without a pause. Is the move (still) in balance with the relevant markets as one catches up to the other, or is a digestion of prior sharp gains nearby? MORE>>

Feb 04, 2021 – Gold Selling Is a Bit Extreme, Compared to Dollar and Stocks – Wednesday brought us daily consolidation of prior S&P 500 gains, and that‘s a positive outcome for the bulls. Base building at a higher level, if you will, is looking set to continue also today. MORE>>

Feb 03, 2021 – Stocks Need to Consolidate Now, And Gold Will Anyway – After Monday‘s great rise, stocks continued without much of a pause yesterday too. Did they get ahead of themselves, or not really? And what about those correction calls, is the alarm over now? As said yesterday, the bulk of the correction in stocks, is over. … MORE>>

Feb 02, 2021 – Correction in Stocks Almost Over While Gold Is Basing – In line with expectations and probabilities, the stock bulls returned … All right, but are the bulls as strong as might seem from looking at this week‘s price performance? … MORE >>

Feb 02, 2021 – Intraday Update for Stocks #1 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

Feb 01, 2021 – How to Shake Off the Blues in Stocks and Break Out in Gold – The week just over brought a heavy decline on rising volume in stocks – is this the dreaded sizable correction start, or the general February weakness I warned about a week ago? … MORE >>

Jan 29, 2021 – Intraday Update for Stocks #2 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

Jan 29, 2021 – Intraday Update for Stocks #1 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

Jan 29, 2021 – The Moonshot Fizzled Out, Inviting Sellers Again – The reflexive rebound slowly but surely lost steam, rolling over into the close. The decline continued in the overnight session before a 3720-ish floor was established, indicating… MORE >>

Jan 28, 2021 – Intraday Update for Stocks #1 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

Jan 28, 2021 – Late Yesterday, I Called the S&P 500 Ambush As Likely Over – The downswing potential I warned about yesterday, came. Heavy selling continued as the Fed threw cold water in assessing the pace of the recovery, and didn‘t signal readiness to prop it up even more… MORE >>

Jan 27, 2021 – Intraday Update for Stocks #1 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

Jan 27, 2021 – S&P 500 and Gold Bulls, Get Ready to Meet the Bears – Yesterday‘s recovery ended on a weak note as stock bulls gave up the opening gap. Disappointing in the very short run, especially given that other key markets acted likewise weak. Neither corporate bonds, nor gold, nor oil could get their act together, … MORE >>

Jan 26, 2021 – The Sky Has Just Cleared for Stocks in the Short Run – Yesterday, I highlighted the seesaw nature of the S&P 500 grind just in time for the intraday bear raid to hit. How much of a damage has it done, should we pay attention to hanging man candlestick? … MORE >>

Jan 25, 2021 – Rosy February for S&P 500? Not So Fast – With Biden in the White House, Trump’s hallmark policies with the exception of 2017 tax cuts, are being undone. Would that be true also about the stock bull market that I called back in spring 2020? Still in autumn that year, … MORE >>

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