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Apr 17, 2024, I published a key article called How to Make It in Trading & Investing – check it out.

*** Dec 29, 2023 Announcement ***

Christmas 2023 is over, we had an eventful 2023, and I‘m most glad I could bring you the brightest finishing months to the year possible.

Thank you for welcoming so much all the changes I made in 2023, starting with one and then two premium Telegram channels, expanding the stock market one with Ellin, and seriously upgrading the stock market analyses with weekly sectoral and stock picks – much work done for all clients (incl. just redesigned website). Relatively more valuable market commentary of course still keeps being reserved for premium clients as immediate care for them comes foremost (if need be 1:1).

I would like to remind you of the sheer necessity to being always subscribed at least for free on my site and also on the free Telegram channel – Twitter isn‘t really enough. Please consider that I‘m based in the EU, which started investigating X (Twitter), and that makes relying on the feed only potentially impractical (who knows what may happen in the near future?).

I urge everyone taking trading and investing seriously to be therefore on my site‘s mailing list and on Telegram alike as well (while of course still remaining and talking on Twitter), which may turn out to be more than a backup option for you to keep getting timely updates.

There is one more practical advantage to it – as a premium stock market services preview, I‘ll be rewarding on a random basis all freely subscribed clients with peek under the hood of what premium clients are getting daily reliably (just delivered over email), which would be at least as interesting for you as when I opened our intraday stock market channel before Dec CPI and FOMC.

Much to enjoy as of Jan 01 – Happy New Year!

Monica Kingsley

*** Nov 27, 2023 Announcement ***

(Together with performance statistics, featured in Nov 27 article)
I‘ll give a more formalized, more regular format to the Stocks and Sectors section that I had been releasing freely so often since expanding the scope in early Oct. Newly, I‘ll feature several sectors (whether in charts or in writing) in a way that benefits longer-term investors that seek to capitalize on the key macro landscape and shifts work I do for you for years already, every Sunday / Monday at least. It‘ll be about the most promising sectors (overweight, the outperformers) such as (for now still) tech, communications and either of financials / industrials / energy – with the view to feature such a selection of sectors that are likely to do well for severals weeks, making them ideal for everyone, not just quickly in and out daytraders.

This will be a new ground consistently covered (featuring price levels such as supports, resistances, good take-profit / stop-loss areas whenever justified) on top of the continued detailed index analysis with market calls (swing trading within both daily publications – Trading Signals and Stock Signals) – just like you requested and we had been finetuning over the past weeks. Thank you for all the great feedback and accuracy appreciation!

In these sectoral (stock) picks, the logic is to go with the trend, and to pick outperformers, leaders of the stock market move to unfold (move that‘s either to the upside or to the downside). That‘s more value if you‘re managing own stocks portfolio on a not daytrading basis.

Also, I‘m strengthening the club community aspect of both intraday channels – the one for stocks where we keep with Ellin generating plenty of profitable calls and commentary for clients, and the one I have for Trading Signals clients covering gold and oil real-time – 1:1 message me over Telegram your question, and I‘ll (we will with Ellin) answer that within the respective premium intraday channel to the benefit of all clients either in the upcoming analysis or in the channel.

Already serving retail investors and traders of all experience levels, and some of the leading competitors from research and signal providers, or hedge fund (you know, they are either my site‘s subscribers or keenly watching Twitter followers, or they just plain block me so as to make their defending market share easier – stifling professional discussion by supposed thought leaders, is a sorry practice) – our enhanced community service addition for premium clients of all stripes, will boost the value delivered further.

We‘ll be there also discussing more of the practical educational aspects from our technical analysis tweaks, intermarket analytics, macroeconomic and fundamental drivers, open trade management, money management, trading psychology and how in general to set yourself on the path of success and keep growing not just your account, but yourself personally. Again, 1:1 message me over Telegram your question or point and it‘ll be answered to the benefit of all clients either in the upcoming analysis or in the channel.

As you can see, plenty of fresh value introduced without any price hikes as per the every day low prices (EDLP) philosophy where the client value generated vastly outnumbers the reasonable price of participation – as Matt L. said and legions of others experience, quoting „Often enough, I found the cost of a monthly payment would be covered in one or two days trading.“

Instead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts, this is the gift to welcome you – more market coverage whatever your time frame, and more resources to help you build on your own success.

Just a reminder that since the Oct 03 announcement that I resolved with the finest one of Oct 08 introducing more stock market coverage and Monica & Ellin Intraday stock market channel covering ES, DAX and individual stocks, you have seen relatively more valuable market commentary being reserved for premium clients as these will always continue to enjoy daily articles. If you aren‘t a client there, you don‘t know what you are missing – therefore, I‘m opening today‘s article stock market part (gold, silver, oil and copper remain premium – you have seen lately often how finely these calls work out) for you to experience what kind of upgrades I mean to be providing regularly premium.

Of course, I‘ll keep delivering fine analytical clues on the free Twitter, free Telegram channel and free Youtube channel – and I‘ll probably again tweet somewhat more than I did since since Oct.

The free subscription on my site is still the basis since Feb 2020, and will continue being so – far from everything is presented on Twitter, where discussions take on a life of their own. Even if you are an avid Twitter follower enjoying my contributions there, don‘t rely on Twitter feed solely as it can‘t give you the first and comprehensive picture of what‘s the full view – therefore, start with and do read the daily analyses whenever there is one.

Finally, there is a not so new tradition whereby I reward on ad hoc (every other month?) basis either free followers or existing clients with upgraded premium access to try it out as a reward chiefly for spreading the word about what I do on trader lists to follow, or for mentioning me at respected competitors‘ Twitter feeds with requests for market commenting (access whether to am intraday premium channel or a more comprehensive daily premium publication – and in case you‘re Trading Signals client already, then with ability to consult whatever interests you.

Monica Kingsley

*** Oct 08, 2023 Finest Announcement ***

Here is what’s new following Tue Oct 03 announcement – as I tweeted Sat Oct 08 (now with practical details).

As only 3 (three) of you have taken me up on the call to expand free Twitter services, I’ll redraw the balance and expand both premium publications with stock / sectoral views (not intraday views).

These 3 people have been rewarded with monthly free Stock & Intraday Signals – just like I gave out the loyal premium clients 2 months or 1 year of Intraday Signals free back in Jun.

Premium Intraday Signals will be upgraded with occasional individual intraday stock thoughts.

I’m most happy to announce what’s been so long in the making !!
Ellin Hermes is joining me in providing you with these intraday index and intraday stock perspectives – Ellin (= ellinas = Greek man)
is a great man, experienced daytrader and fine chart thinker, specializing in stock indices and individual stock picking, with a special knack for midcap stocks and hidden volatile gems.

You know everything already about us, me and him will together deliver more premium services for you.
I know him, his smashing work and fine market insticts increasingly more since summer 2021, and I’m very happy we’re launching together!

Monica’s Intraday Signals hereby changes into Monica & Ellin Intraday !

That’s #3 option on my Join page, and of course it’s part of both my Trading Signals and Stock Signals daily analytics as an advantageous package detailed in #1 and #2. Existing premium clients – make no changes, you’re grandfathered under the old terms – this setup applies all future clients whereby we go 50-50 on all intraday within our premium Telegram channel. Full details via this link.

Thank you and to the bright future!

Monica Kingsley

*** Oct 03, 2023 Serious Announcement ***

I want to start with big thanks to loyal premium clients.
Your support is essential to keep going, practically speaking – do nothing after reading this.

When launching premium services in Jul 2022, I chose to do it differently.
Not to run it as a business with most of valuable content for subscribers only, but to give out much free every day.
And I want to keep providing much free still on Twitter, Telegram, and on my site.
But I need your help
Having a fine influence on your life is why I’m here and doing this.

We know each other for years.
Many of you are my dear friends.
I want to slowly broaden the services.
I want to go more often into individual stocks or at least sectors.
So that you have at least the overweight / underweight and individual stock levels view.
On demand as you ask.

All for a symbolic price of $25 a month.
All via my site, Twitter and Youtube.
So as to allow me to keep current balance between free and premium.
So as to keep giving real time actionable calls and valuable analytics for free.
I don’t want to lock whatever best I’m doing behind a paywall.

I get it, times are tough, and yet the feedback I collect so often via Patreon, is “I enjoyed, but my personal circumstances changed”, sometimes “I am no longer trading / need a break”.
Think new job, health within the family, financial, retiring, or own market decisions that backfired.
Cancelling also when everything is going great or reasonably well across the board.
You also think you can make it with how I had been drawing the balance between free and premium.
Most of you who cancel premium services, anyway remain avid article readers and Twitter feed followers.
Whoever can’t momentarily be premium subscribed but enjoys – someone else steps is, that’s my philosophy.
But it isn’t working, for half a year already.

Times have gotten tough also for me, because it’s my mission to be first helping you all out.
That’s why I’m sharing so much freely everywhere.
Without Twitter’s Creator Subscriber model locking you out of viewing or talking with me.
I want to make stuff and keep it open the way it is now.
Serving you all.
Starting to pursue more of own market activities, I don’t consider optimal.

That’s why I’m calling for your support via this new $25 open Twitter Patreon option.
Current premium clients – don’t choose this option as Patreon would cancel what you have now.

If enough of you take me up on this call, we can build even livelier community than it is now.
It may also lead to offering better prices for what I already do – at least yearly ones.
I am underfollowed – key competitors are mostly afraid to see me on their feed – those blocks work and hurt long-term as much as decreased Twitter displays statistics.

I want to bypass these, and also will be happy for more of your help in sharing whatever you like from my work elsewhere, calling me up to voice market opinion… to spread the word.
That’s why I’m starting now this token $25 support with newly covered and maintained ground.
With your sufficient support, it can over time turn into overall pricing reformulated.
I want to serve more of you – that’s the goal.

If you value my independent voice outside groupthink, and that I’m here around 15hrs every day realizing how important you’re in this, then I’ll be grateful…

This message is for all those loyal fans on the sidelines – let me know what you think.
And thank you for appreciating…

Monica Kingsley

*** 2023 PLANS UPDATE ***

What about my 2023 plans? Giving you more than in 2022 is the key idea! You can look forward for plenty of insightful content – this takes precedence over providing asset management services. As a backup and perhaps more for some of you, I’m also today launching Telegram channel that would feature the most valuable output I’m sharing via Twitter.

I’ll keep focus on providing excellent services to you as opposed to hunting $ under management or attention hunting for high five or six digit social media following. Most see me as a competitor, especially given the breadth of what I offer and the most formidable setbacks thrown my way. Our exclusive club both publicly in analyses and behind the scenes in 1:1 consulting. Quality over quantity.

Monica Kingsley

*** Jul 08, 2022 News & Plans Update ***

Much happened since my last announcement. I’ve taken a good look around the financial industry, enjoyed the talks, and after much deliberation and reflection – as of today, I decided to start offering premium subscription services and 1:1 consulting, followed by asset management and additional services probably later next year – boutique financial offering is the goal.

I’ll go on writing daily and intraday, issuing and updating trade calls – my trading philosophy won’t change. Full daily articles, intraday updates and position detail mailings would be reserved for paying subscribers on my site, and briefer writings would be shared outside. Free subscribers to Monica’s Insider Club will go on enjoying valuable analytical information and instant publishing notifications.

I’m still a small site with legal responsibilities as many formidable obstacles have been thrown my way. I look forward for offering better conditions as the audience grows – thanks to you and your support.

As you had been with me, and enjoyed the great results this decade, you already know me very well. As I can’t offer yearly package via Patreon yet, I made the monthly option attractive.

Here’s the deal:
• 1 month recurring for $119
• 7-days money-back guarantee
• full access to myself, all my content & bonuses

If you join now in July and remain through October (that’s 4 months), November is for free.
Interesting yearly package to be offered in December…

Set up your premium account now as Jul 18 is when all the content you’re used to, becomes premium only.
Join Monica’s Trading Signals to unlock all the benefits and profits!

*** July 16, 2022 Update ***

If you’re interested only in premium S&P 500 market analyses and updates extending to bonds as well, then Monica’s Stock Signals are for you.
• 1 month recurring for $53
• 7-days money-back guarantee
• interesting yearly package to be offered in December
• full access to myself, all my stock market content & bonuses

Join Monica’s Stock Signals (it’s a subset of the full scale Monica’s Trading Signals) to unlock all the relevant benefits and profits!
Both options are a great value as only my 2020 stock market analyses went for $149 per month…

Thanks for subscribing & all your support that makes this great ride possible!

Monica Kingsley

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