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How to Make It in Trading & Investing

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My goal in this article is to advance your success by raising the right questions and answering them in a timeless way that you can revisit as you grow. This is about exploration who you are as a trader, what your possibilities and trading / investing goals are.

We‘ll tie that to what I do, how that can efficiently help you on your way, and what you can learn from my journey in trading, life and financial industry. I‘ll keep updating this piece as we go – your points over email are most welcome.

You‘ll understand the broad a range of clients I serve – from beginning ones to highly experienced incl. much bigger competitors (as both subscribers on my site and Twitter followers) – and what I am after through serving you.

I prefer being with markets and clients as opposed to doing much marketing (Telegram channels over Twitter and Youtube), (shit)posting, or (macro or issues du jour) babbling unrelated to your success in markets. Gotta make sense of everything without drowning you in words. No mingling with self-serving groups or churning out content, doing interviews, targeted ads, promo offers, exclusivity deals and other ways of growing business.

No compromising my independence and quality of direct service to you. My mission is success of existing clients, and not pursuit of new ones at any cost. You know how people view me, the quality and dedication I‘ve been giving out to the world since Feb 2020. E.g.

I have found Monica to be a perfect blend of a trader, investor and macro strategist.

Monica is simply put the creme de la creme of the trading community and market strategists.“

Often enough, I found the cost of a monthly payment would be covered in one or two days trading.

You know my rich, mutlidisciplinary background, and that‘s as much an advantage as the actual trading, analytics and financial industry experience ranging from breaking free to fintwit stories of newletter writers / Youtubers protecting their market share to arrogant hedge fund managers that are equally fearful of facing my market analytics.

I‘ll much rather remain a small, reachable and exclusive boutique provider who can directly help you on your journey than to pursue such stars. The below will remain always valid – I believe there‘s no need to repeat whole paragraphs from my Bio as to what constitutes my experience, market ways and toolbox so as to ride trends and identify turning points (chiefly, it‘s intermarket beyond stocks, bonds and currencies, sectoral analytics, then macroeconomic, fundamental and technical applied also to precious metals and commodities). Well versed professional experiences with Masters in (macro)economics and almost PhD. in polithology gives me even more of an advantage over competitors.

So essential in the decade of higher inflation, interest rates and stock market volatility where traditional 60/40 doesn‘t provide a fine service, and drivers of financial asset moves change as much as correlations…

I can’t underscore enough how important it is to have real time access to the full scale of what I do, both in swing and intraday terms if you want to understand the what, why and how – and learn faster and benefit more.

Just brevity and clarity of analytics and calls however thorough research leads to these – and always reachable 1:1 – not just for a couple of hours a day, but as much continuously as humanly feasible.

Success isn‘t about mesmerizing, unrepeatable single trades with outsized risk without downside accounting, making dazzling predictions inducing $ salivation, about polished marketing and full / partial view (sympho)cacophony of a hired staff with their own opinions that one reasonably can‘t simultaneously follow / know in depth, or invisible number crunchers and marketing output producers driving the umbrella brand.

If these worker bees could make it, they would have remained independent – the best simply aren‘t for sale, they value their freedom and time, and would consider only friendly alliances of equals, and not lowball offers. I also take seriously when potential partners keep their word, or do find postponing easier. That‘s a red flag. It‘s a world of difference, to be „working with“ (like me and dear Ellin do), or „working for“…

Fintwit is no longer what it was in 2021 – the spirit that me and Ellin would love to succeed, is gone, and just money talks. The sell is getting harder, and so many are trying to differentiate themselves for what should flow out naturally, and be left to readers to decide one by one. I’m fed up with the implicit expectation of having to have at least as noisy marketing machine.

I’m marketer, but I hate marketing – I’ve seen it too much, and I hate to say it works. When have you seen me talk my reputation? I‘m here when things go right, and also when they go wrong. I don’t need to make it a “unique selling proposition” when everybody is (should be) the same and strives for the best outcomes. Everyone is fallible and humbled by markets. But the power of marketing distorts that mightily – even creating its own reality if vocal enough. I know how things work, not just from all the articles I’ve written in prior era that are not attributed to me.

Have you seen any of all the aware, big service providers condemn what I had to go through in the Polish saga? Yeah, me neither, not even the relatively closest or the one that I‘m talking above about. I see it as failure to discern right from wrong, good from evil – strictly business only logic doesn‘t fly with me and smacks of wrong compass.

Just as in 2020 the only place I was looking forward for, was the community of my readers, I have come full circle on Twitter again. I‘ve seen it all here over and over again – being played around, ingratiations, climbing on my back… few can match Barchart group expertise. Close competitors either follow me even as clients on my site – or block me. I‘ve come to appreciate the indifferent ones. Still, there are quite a few competitors I like and respect for their work.

I‘m not going to be charging you hundreds of dollars per month, or per trade. I‘m not after selling subscriptions left or right using all the tools of doing so, and I don‘t aspire to opening own hedge fund either. I prefer simple honest work every day behind the scenes that you can easily follow – things the way they are, in service of our tight-knitted community so that I either enhance your current success or help you turn yourself around. I’m grateful for so many fine neighborhood people met, who I can call dear friends and more.

I would much rather be with you and the markets than networking on fintwit, or producing more content on Youtube, doing podcasts etc. Nothing is free, and I prefer caring for those who trust me. The result is getting messages such as

You’re absolutely incredible, managed to earn 4x the subscription amount I paid for with like 3 trades“

when focusing just on markets and clients.

The longer you know me before joining, the better. I‘ll stick with my ways and be serving you unrestricted without claiming I‘m the best service money can buy – I don’t need to, and it goes mightily against my grain to hear it elsewhere.

Client Experiences

There are many great stories of long-term clients, but I‘ve also seen horror stories – so hard to tolerate adverse outcomes among you. Especially since the dividing line is so thin – „success is doing things correctly, but failure means doing things almost correctly“. Be sure that markets have the power and will test all your strengths and shortcomings thoroughly.

What do the sad stories have in common? Some kind of overreach, from too aggressive position size to not honoring stop-loss. Underestimating the market, or overestimating oneself, or both.

It‘s not that difficult to get and remain on the right path – first part consists of knowing yourself, your possibilities, and the other is broadly said being in tune with the markets.

Let‘s dive into how I mean that = the tremendous payout in it for you.

This is a way more colorful article than about the one about getting the most from your trading analyst that I wrote late 2020 – make sure to read it as well please.

Full of market examples, the actionable part – the greatest food for thought – starts now.

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Good trading with confidence,

Monica Kingsley

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