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Get the Best Value From Your Trading Analyst

Thank you for visiting my thoughts about what’s the worth of a financial analyst, of a trading financial professional to you – what’s in it for you. How can you assess whether you’re getting a good deal and moving ahead?

How is that service working out for me in reality, that’s the key question to ask. Do the analyses and trade calls generate and protect my money, both in the short and long run? Going nowhere or losing money consistently, with the stories they sell never really panning out in whatever timeframe, that’s what you want to avoid like a plague.

Good analysts are those you can learn plenty from, apply it in your own trading, and see it in your account equity. Regardless of whether you follow the daily and intraday calls to the letter, or tweak them if you are into e.g. options, these technicians have to prove themselves insightful and valuable to you. They are accessible and actually talk with you.

Great analysts create value by thinking independently and aren’t afraid to go either with or against the crowd. Their writings make sense – they are actionable, clear and have a finger on the market pulse. No beating around the bush, no excuses. There is time to run with the herd, and also to part ways if that’s what brings profits to the readers. In the growth of people’s assets, that’s where responsibility in care shows up.

Superb analysts listen to the markets humbly and attentively, and aren’t stubborn in their ways – neither a permabull, nor a permabear. Ready to turn on a dime if the outlook truly changes, always aware of the risk-reward ratio of the current trade and its rationale in the first place. Each trade planned, mindful of the whole trading account, because this is a long-distance run. Nimble and capable of making sense of so often more or less conflicting data, such rare traders can dependably serve your interests, continuously.

You’re not buying the analyst’s academic title, hoping it confers aura of clairvoyance upon their calls. Similarly, the volume of assets under management doesn’t really matter. The dividing line, passing the smell test, it’s about what their knowledge and experience actually brings to you, whether people profit and grow in the real life as much as they can – and could.

Totally independent or part of a company, look for such a great financial writer that has proven profitable direct trading experience in the daily public service of others. I can’t emphasize this point enough. Results, let the results speak!

My advice is for you to constantly, periodically evaluate the deal you’re getting. As in what has the analyst done for me lately? Do you feel good how it’s working out for you? Are you getting closer towards fulfilling your dreams?

Money in your hands is a force of goodness that only you yourself know how to use best. By helping you the way I have been helping hundreds and thousands throughout my almost full 9 months as the Stock Trading Alerts author (and now at eternally truly mine Stock Trading Signals, and let me treat you then to premium all-inclusive Trading Signals publication, or the stock market only Stock Signals, or any intraday offering or combination thereof), I work to make you stronger in your life, to expand your circle of influence and enhance peace.

Apart from being able to carry on in my daily publishing endeavors, it also means to myself to advance the welfare of many horses and improve the life of the everyday horse communities. These sentient, magnificent and pure animals never betray you, and have been faithfully serving mankind for millenia.

You, the people, deserve the daily best of me and nothing less, so that you can use the money I help you produce, to your own satisfaction and in your own definition of goodness.

I would be so grateful if you spread the word about I am doing here! Such is my professional journey – questions, comments, please just let me know.

Good trading with confidence,

Monica Kingsley

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