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I’m all about giving my subscribers and readers continually the very best of mine, sharing insights and being available whenever they need me.
Let’s get it straight from the horse’s mouth, whether retail clients or investment fund professionals – what some of the people like you, who have known my daily work for ages and benefited, have publicly written:

“I have been following Monica for the better part of 2020, and while I find her calls on the markets and precious metals to be remarkably accurate, it is the thought that goes into her analyses that really makes a difference. Rather than focus on sophomoric indicators such as social or political influences, Monica focuses on numbers and trends that are the true market movers. Monica’s analytical approach, which she transparently shares with her followers, is second to none.”

Feb 10, 2021 – Todd E., Nevada, USA

Thank you for showing us again some great analyses after leaving Sunshine, I read there your analyses almost daily. Appreciate your kindness to small investors like myself, especially in gold and silver. When you can fulfill whatever agreement you signed in leaving them, l would definitely look at becoming a customer of yours with your winning analyses.

Feb 10, 2021 – William Baker – Pennsylvania, USA

“I have been reading Monica’s analyses for some 6 months running now. Since I started trading stocks in March of 2020, I have subscribed to at least 6 stock newsletters, the most expensive one was $175/month (with no free trial or money back policy)… yet Monica’s writings in terms of accuracy in nailing the S&P direction beats this $175/month newsletter by more than a mile. The other 5 newsletters pale in comparison to Monica’s reports too. That’s 6 frogs I wish I didn’t have to kiss.”

Feb 12, 2021 – Sandra H. – Washington, USA

I have been following Monica for nearly a year now. She is one of the best analysts both in terms of accuracy and insight that I know of as well as having superb writing skills – a rarity in this business. Her articles are extremely worthwhile to read and study on a daily basis even when I am very short on time – frequently skipping very well known names. I highly recommend Monica to any investor in need of accurate and timely market review. In addition, I totally believe in her current and future star status and success. Finally, she is one of the few writers who takes the time to respond to reader comments – something that is rare with many publications. I have registered and/or plan to register with each platform that Monica contributes to.

Mar 31, 2021 – Cornel Pod – Ohio, USA

“I have been following Monica since early 2020.  I started reading her analysis on Investing.com and was immediately impressed.  Monica stands out as a real fact following technician.  Her analysis efficiently covers all the metrics that I would never have time to interpret.  All delivered in a perfectly written report and in timely manner that never leaves me on my heels.  Stick to the game plan and win a vast majority of the time.  It’s fantastic to have Monica on my side and I highly encourage anybody trading under her umbrella of expertise to listen and enjoy.”

Jan 22, 2022 – Justin Richard – Montana, USA

“I was reading other analysts & opinions on Investing.com and other portals. Unfortunately I used my stock picking on several who had computers, data from years ago history etc. I lost a lot of money. Thank Goodness I was reading Monica’s analyses also ! Time after time I found her readings to be so accurate. I’m finally making Money.  I would stack her up to ANYONE on Investing.com or any other site.  Monica – A Huge THANK YOU !”

Oct 20, 2021 – Fred Goetzke – Maryland, USA

The best part of Monica’s daily market report is the the concise summary of the factors at play in plain English and the charts which illustrate the market drivers. She is the best commentator available and I use her insights in my equities portfolio. Her straight shooting saves me time and money in assessing the direction of all the markets I am considering for long positions. Whether I spend 5 or 50 minutes, Monica’s wisdom keeps me grounded in the market moves better than any other financial publication. She has no axe to grind or any preconceived market forecast to serve her own agenda, just the big picture of a pro trader and the entry and exits, which is precisely what I am looking for. Many thanks Monica, happy trading!

Oct 22, 2021 – Mike Lisa – New York, USA

“I want to express my thank you to Monica Kingsley for her insightful analysis of markets. I mainly use her take on ES futures and Nasdaq analysis to reconcile with my bullish or bearish bias. I’m following her for over a year already – these last few weeks, she has been bearish on ES and today was a major confirmation. I can’t thank her enough as I have also learned a lot from her other analyses.”

Apr 22, 2022 – Ricardo Estrada, New York, USA

I have been a member of Monica’s Insider Club for almost a year. I am an experienced commodities futures trader (non-professional). I trade almost all the future markets: equity indexes, soy/grains, livestock, currency, energy, metals, and the “softs.” Monica’s newsletter provides precise entries and stops in S&P 500 and Nasdaq futures, Crude Oil, Gold, Silver, Copper, and crypto. In my own trades, I generally hold for the medium term. Monica has been of great help to me with short-term trading strategies in volatile markets. Her commentary on the markets and the Fed activity is both very insightful and a good read. And last but not least, her advice has been very PROFITABLE!

Mar 05, 2022 – Ed (redacted), Massachusetts, USA

I’ve followed Monica when she was at her previous firm. I was upset when she left but was elated when I found her again. 2021 has been especially difficult to navigate and with market direction seemingly hard to predict, Monica is among the very few who have had enough training and understanding to produce accurate analyses consistently. She is absolutely a find above 99% of analysts out there! Better yet, she is nice (tell me how many these big analysts with major ego are, lol) and responsive!!

Dec 19, 2021 – Julie H. – New Jersey, USA

I have been following Monica’s daily work since late 2020, and her insight into commodities, and the markets in general is fantastic. She is one of my favorite follows, and her calls are uncanny in their accuracy.

Mar 06, 2022 – Mike V., New Jersey, USA

Monica’s ability to seemingly remove all bias and emotion from her analysis is uniquely valuable. She also has this uncanny ability to maintain a neutral tone, yet be engaging and educational at the same time. Since she started writing publicly in early 2020, she has demonstrated great financial patience while simultaneously being reasonably aggressive. I’ve never come across anyone quite like her.

Apr 02, 2021 – Dan D. – Virginia, USA

Monica has the uncanny ability to call the market for exactly what it is. She sees the data unbiased and presents unreal accurate predictions. It is very hard to be consistent in this business and remain grounded. Monica does both and presents her findings in easy to understand ways. Investing in Monica is a big investment in yourself as she often gives findings that are better than world class analysts such as Goldman or BoA who can charge hundreds of thousands. I trust her insights to help orient my portfolio.

Feb 04, 2022 – Jude L. – Virginia, USA

“The best follow I have found is Monica! Her insight into the markets is incredibly accurate and I try not to make any trades until I receive her newsletter. Technicals matter, but what Monica shows, is why the markets are moving and where they are going. It is almost like looking at the future. Her analysis is based on numbers, not sentiment or conjecture. It is accurate and I can make a plan! Any questions I might have, I can ask her and she will respond. I feel very fortunate to have found Monica!”

Mar 20, 2022 – Katie F. – North Carolina, USA

“I started trading in Jan 2020, and shortly after, I started following Monica’s analyses and since 2021 tweets also. I quickly noticed her passion for the markets and natural skill to identify areas of opportunity for her supporters. Following Monica has been instrumental in making successful trades.
I truly appreciate the time she takes to share her insights on the market.”

Feb 05, 2022 – Manuel Cuevas – South Carolina, USA

“I have truly been blessed to have found Monica approximately 6 months ago. Her intimacy with all facets of the market has truly been mind-blowing, not only with market trend but the education that goes along with it. Monica has continued to be an AMAZING partner and influencer to my success. Thank you Monica for all that you do for me & anyone lucky enough to come into contact with you.”

Apr 25, 2022 – Chip W. Carmel – Indiana, USA

As a fellow 30-year gold bug/trader/investor/broker I came across Monica’s analysis & commentary and immediately found it to be right on, straight, and not afraid to just say it exactly how it really is. I am happy to read her take every day as I know I can rely on it regardless if it’s good or bad news.
On top of that, I can relate to her style and really like her writing – clean & refreshing – her person shows right through. She is fresh air in the industry.”

Sep 22, 2021 – Robert (redacted) – California, USA

“As a capital allocator / investor, I enjoy reading Monica’s newsletter as part of my daily churn. The information in présentation is easy to read. The risk analysis is pragmatic and precise. I never fault an analyst for being right or wrong. What I do look for is how quickly can I understand what they are thinking at the time they send their newsletter or share information.
With Monica you get just that whether it’s commodities, crypto or equity indices.”

Oct 07, 2021 – Adam Goodman, California, USA

“You are spot on as usual, Monica – I don’t give you enough props!! Your ongoing macroeconomics and technical analysis has added such conviction to noticing sector rotations and trends. I have been following your notes for months on Barchart – you are far too underrated!

Dec 17, 2021 – Sarah G. – California, USA

“Monica’s content contains so much alpha, and never any ego. A wonderful experience, especially with all the inflated egos & mudslinging on #fintwit. Further, the ability to own EVERYTHING, and not just genius market calls, is such a breath of fresh air. No deleting tweets, no twisting the delivery, just straight to the point of, “This is what I think and here’s why…”
You are brilliant trader, and I’m so glad that I found your space. I am learning a great deal from you, thank you very much!”

Oct 13, 2021 – Jonathan Stocker, Oregon, USA

“I have known Monica since Jan 2021, and I pay great attention to her analyses. Having her on my team gives me much more confidence when I speak with my local financial advisor and plan my medium- and long-term trades. Also, the caliber of her personality isn’t to be found anymore. Thanks for a great year!

Mar 31, 2022 – Harold H. – Wisconsin, USA

“I have been following Monica Kingsley for about 2 months now and have been very happy with so many trades I have made because of her analysis and 1:1 stock picking replies. I am mostly a swing trader, and usually very inclined to overtrade instead of riding out a trend for more than 1-3 days.
Monica’s  daily reports provide the bigger picture of the markets, helping me with my stock selection so as to stay with the strongest sectors and trades much longer, making me more money per trade than the constant grind of being glued to the computer screen all day. 
I have more and more confidence in Monica’s analyses and her finding the best opportunity trades for these constantly changing markets !

May 18, 2021 – Mark Pupilli, Pennsylvania, USA

“I came to know Monica about a month ago, checking her tweeter and website. I subscribed to her Signals…and I was swept away by how she corelates various items to gauge markets. It was eye opening to me – I am taking notes, learning… I have also followed some of her long and short positions, and came out successful. One of my friends yesterday called me unhappy about his trading, and I recommended him to subscribe to her Signals.”

Feb 04, 2022 – Nick Smith – Pennsylvania, USA

“I recently started following Monica, and she is a great analyst. She exactly knows when to get in or stay away from the market. I lost money before, but after meeting Monica my account started to grow again… She is a good lady as i started learning a lot from her… I think her heart is kind in day to daily life too, helping everyone in every aspect. I really recommend everyone to follow Monica, and you are safe.”

Mar 26, 2022 – Sharfraz S. – Iowa, USA

“I have been following Monica’s market analyses for only a few months so far, and have found her commentaries to be extremely informative and accurate. They have helped me discover and overcome emotional biases in analyzing the markets, and made a huge difference in making successful trades in both S&P 500 and precious metals. She even takes the time to respond to emails! Monica…you are one Amazing Woman! Thank you so much.”

June 22, 2021 – Tom D. – (redacted) , USA

“Thank you for all the great analyses since 2020, Monica! I don’t know how you do it, but you somehow foresee market moves better than most analysts. I appreciate your daily reports, letting me know exactly when to get in or get out of the market. I look forward to a profitable year ahead!”

Feb 18, 2021 – Eric Erlandson – South Dakota, USA

“I read news about the market from Barchart app in the morning. Monica’s commentary was on there for years now, and makes a lot of sense. I don’t follow market news much myself because most of the time it doesn’t add up, I use her daily mailings to keep up to date on the underlying reasons behind big moves in the stock market. Thank you.”

Jan 29, 2022 – Lucas Amundson – Texas, USA

“This old baby boomer trying to keep a 401k productive, appreciates Monica’s generosity in sharing talent, thoughtfulness and right-on analysis. Since I’m not a seasoned trader  I simply use the announced trades and follow the pattern…….and it works; even employing the stops and targets as buying/ safety parameters. I’ve stopped trying to “figure it out” on my own and follow the analysis, reasoning and final actions..This has been a Godsend and I am grateful.

Mar 08, 2022 – Robert G. – Texas, USA

I have been following Monica since October 2021. I discovered her on Twitter and subscribed immediately on her website. She shares tons of accurate information, she is brilliant, well prepared and her comments are always followed by exhaustive explanations. I also took her up on some long position with extreme nice gains – I would remark that every trade is always well studied and explained, and above all she has the ability to understand the market accurately. I like to take advantage of her acknowlodge especially in S&P 500, oil and precious metals. I suggest everybody to be curious, read her tweets and subscribe. She answers to any kind of questions, Monica, keep going! Thank you for your hard work.”

Feb 28, 2022 – Francesco Medici – Florida, USA

“I have been reading Monica’s analyses since early 2020. After 25 years in the markets myself, there are a few things that lift it above the myriad offerings out there. First, her ability to gauge the strength or weakness from a chart backed up by her long experience, becomes apparent…also the way in which she contrasts and relates the credit and commodity markets by the use of sometimes seemingly unconnected charts, to find confirmation, or not, of a move. Her writing is always concise and does not stray from the reality of the situation. What I find most refreshing, is that she does not allow her own personal bull or bear stance to overtake her viewpoint – in other words, she keeps the assessment objective, and is willing to change and adapt as necessary.

Feb 17, 2021 – Pete H. – Manitoba, Canada

“I receive hundreds of emails but the one I love to open first is an email from Monica Kingsley! Her uncanny talent for recognizing market shifts has me spellbound. Her quick synopsis allows me to gage my portfolio without having to spend hours trying to get to the bottom line without a tangible results that many other authors often do. Her comments are lightening fast and to the point. Very refreshing and priceless intel of hers!”

Oct 22, 2021 – Karen Mate – Ontario, Canada

“I have been following Monica for a few months now. She really has a fine understanding of macro and sentiment, which is often more important than technical analysis or even price action. She’s usually always early and she’s usually always right. I would highly recommend following her.”

May 14, 2022 – Jeff C. – Ontario, Canada

“What I appreciate the most about Monica’s technical analysis / guidance, is that her genuine kind personality is reflected in her work. In a world of over the top type personalities, she is a breath of fresh air. She also has a great ability to see the trends developing in a contrarian sense.
Steady as a rock and smart as a whip!”

Nov 13, 2021 – Louis Picard – Quebec, Canada

“I have been following Monica’s newsletter for 5 months and I am impressed by her skills and by her take on the macro economy . I have seen her trades calls and i can say that it’s for real ; her winning ratio is over 75% and very importantly, you suggests a really tight stop-loss to eliminate the large losses.
Continue your excellent work, I appreciate.”

May 11, 2022 – Rejean S. – Quebec, Canada

“I read Monica’s trading analytics regularly. Her thoughtful and incisive comments support my own technical analysis. For a stock trader like me, it is important to be aware of the Futures outlook for important market sectors. Monica reliably (and freely) provides that view. I greatly appreciate her daily updates. I’ve not found better.”

Feb 11, 2022 – Doug Long – British Columbia, Canada

“To those who seek meaningful information and insight into machination of the markets, Monica Kingsley is the source. Living and enjoying what life has to give, one relies on presentation of facts and consequences that are professionally thought through. Monica’s presented information is for immediate or delayed action. I have followed Monica’s work for eternity in 2020 already, and the detail of her research and conclusions is outstanding and amazing.
It is with gratitude and acknowledgement that I urge traders to subscribe and profit from Monica’s original work.”

Feb 07, 2021 – Benjamin Fonda – Northwest Territories, Australia

“Monica, you are the answer to a trader’s dream. Getting your advice now for free, it’s unbelievable. I enjoy playing market games and sometimes I get back some of the losses. Your experience and obvious ability definitely is a huge bonus. I look forward to reading your messages, opinions and trading calls. Thanks again.”

Feb 11, 2021 – Arthur Abbott – Western Australia, Australia

“Just a quick recognition of how much I enjoy reading Monica’s considered market viewpoints and insight. With so many market commentators, it is refreshing to find her simplistic yet professional approach to using her real time assessment of developing market conditions in support of her transparent, current investment positions. Couple this with an approachable and available discussion style, and you can easily develop the confidence and certainty required for your own portfolio support.

Jan 12, 2022 – Murray Cooper – Queensland, Australia

I have found Monica’s assessment of overall market temperament, anticipated inter-market movements – stocks, bonds, commodities et al – to be prescient.  Without fail, as part of my market awareness, I read Monica’s summaries.

Mar 28, 2022 – Martin Butler – New Zealand

I read with great interest Monica’s market analysis when she worked for Sunshine and had a sense of loss when she left. Nevertheless, I was thrilled when I discovered she was setting up her own service for those that wanted in depth and indeed an optimistic view of the stock markets going forward. Her service is second to none , as her track record illustrates. Her clear and prompt targets and stop loss in my inbox have greatly increased my trading balance over this last year. I would add she’s quick to change the advice shuold market conditions demand it.
Thank you Monica, and here’s to hoping you continue in this quality and profitable work for your subscribers!

Jan 24, 2022 – Steve Roberts – UK

I would like say that Ms Kingsley’s work is second to none. She covers a broad section of financial instruments, ranging from bonds, indices and my preference at present, precious metals. Ms Kingsley’s charts have given me a better insight on how to position myself and her work has been extremely helpful in navigating the markets in these unique times. Thank you very much and I look forward to reading your work very much.

Nov 08, 2021 – I. Hussain – UK

I’ve spent the last 10 years reading and studying different books on Stock Market moves, how to read charts and trying to get to grips with fundamentals and the markets in general. I wish I’d known Monica Kingsley all the way back then and saved myself a lot of trouble and effort…. She has consistently called every trade correctly in the time that I have followed her. Whether it’s Indices, Commodities or Crypto being traded, she gives clear entry/exit points and explains how to stake the trade proportionately… She also updates you daily throughout the week and is happy to respond to your emails and questions,  Monica has a real talent and is a real genius when it comes to Technical Analysis – anyone who chooses to follow her will certainly do well… Many thanks Monica.”

Nov 07, 2021 – Adam Denning – UK

For 8 months I have been a suscriber to Monica’s market analyses. I like the vivid presentation and her in-depth knowledge. Traders are said to lose money in general – and well, it is not easy to filter
the noise out of the cacophony of so-called experts on the markets. I have done this and consider her to be a very helpful and reliable source.

Oct 23, 2021 – Stefan Sopp – Germany

I have been following Monica for almost a year, and I am deeply impressed with her work. Very accurate analysis, easy to understand. The technical analysis is very easy to follow, the macro correlations in combination with that give me the whole picture. The success of my investments has improved noticeably and I am very grateful to have discovered Monica. Thank you Monica for your fantastic work – thank you for your great commitment. Many greetings from Germany – keep up the good work!

Feb 13, 2022 – Matthias W. – Germany

“Monica’s analysis is by far the best free source of information/ daily market update I have come by. It gives you a very good and quick overview of what’s going on in the markets. She explains how she thinks, and why she takes the actions / comes to the conclusions that she does.
And she does this in a way that is very informative and easy to understand and interpret.
I have been following her since late 2020 and have been very impressed with her approach, especially how she integrates the credit market along with commodities and the dollar in her market report and also her assessment of risk on/risk off.
It’s almost always spot on, and if she occasionally is wrong, she quickly acknowledges it should market conditions change
I would highly recommend her daily reporting to any trader – she definitely took my understanding of the markets to a new level. On top of that, she is very engaging, responsive and friendly.
A truly unique individual , with an amazing talent in trading/technical analysis
Thank you Monica!”

Feb 03, 2022 – Nicolai V. – Denmark

I have been a member of Monica’s Insider Club since the early 2021 beginnings. I am reading her writings every day with huge interest. Her analysis is very accurate and she is able to see trends developing before most other people. With simple graphs she comments on the short/medium-term trends in commodities, copper, gold/silver, oil and bitcoin, and it is very easy to know, how to be positioned in the market … and she is almost always right 🙂 Very much appreciated.

May 08, 2022 – Jacob Mohr – Denmark

“I started to read Monica Kingsley’s articles in 2020. To me, she gives reasoned and actionable insights on the overall direction of the market. Her insights are concise, to the point, and always reasoned. She is also always systematic, meaning following through processes in the markets. To a small-scale amateur investor like me, her writings are really useful, as I get an overall picture of the market in an easy and interesting way. 
Monica: Thank you so much for your great content!”

Feb 28, 2022 – Ilmari N. – Finland

“I have been following Monica’s calls on the market for some time now (approx. 6 months). I have had about ten subscriptions on all kind of so-called experts in 2020 and 2021, most of them having quite a lot of followers. At the moment, I follow three worthwhile ones, including Monica, of course.
Up till now she has been quite accurate in signalling direction. I am basically long (not day trading) in Gold and Silver; I do try and trade the S&P500 now and then. I didn’t make money yet on those trades. However, the main cause for that is that my stops on the trade were smaller than she advised to do. Would I have used hers, I would have made money instead of losing some. For instance, last one (short on S&P500): S&P up 3% after May 4th FED, just (unfortunately) touched my stop, and then turned quite a bit lower as she said it would. So, I would have made enough money for my next adventure in the wild. More and more I get the confidence that the signals from Monica are right in direction, eight out of ten times. I keep following her and will try her signals in my trades next time :)”

May 09, 2022 – Theodam (redacted) – Netherlands

I have been following Monica since 2020. I have first been impressed by her generosity to share her trades. I really appreciate her strategy in terms of SL and TP. Her analysis is accurate and I have made money thanks to her.  I think that she enters and exits a position with serenity. She is great woman….

Jan 14, 2022 – Daniel Ignjatovic – France

“I am a small saver / investor but the capabilities and full availability of Monica are exceptional, even for me since I don’t understand markets too much. I highly recommend her to any investor who needs an accurate and well-structured market analysis for their investments.
She is very attentive to the strategies to be implemented, careful, also very patient, and available for answers and technical terminologies explanations. Thanks Monica, you are a unique, professionally very good and wonderful person.”

Oct 03, 2021 – Franco M. – Italy

“I have been following Monica’s stockmarket calls throughout most of the 2020 period and I admire the professional ways she goes about in reaching conclusions. The seniority of her analyses cannot even be seen in Professional Houses Reports like Fitch and S&P. I am very happy about her professional work to the benefit of all retail investors.”

Feb 07, 2021 – Miltiadis N. – Greece

“Excellent economist with clear analyzes & views on the market. Information from Monica is necessarily for me – daily. The amazing thing about her is that she helps me understand how the market works both short- and long-term. I have followed many other analysts in the past but didn’t find anyone like Monica. She is distinguished, and non-stop here. I’m sure that anyone who discovers her, won’t leave…”

Sep 07, 2021 – Anastasios P. – Greece

I first saw Monica’s analyses in 2020 at Investing.com and I started to follow her writings since then. Timely, insightful and accurate – I have enjoyed them thoroughly. So far she has made many profitable calls! Since she has launched her own website, I’m following her here and I very happily became a member of her club, receiving all her reports and trading calls immediately. I am glad that she is back and can be helping out again!

Feb 08, 2021 – Albert S. – Portugal

It’s very difficult to come across to a trader who also comments like a trader. The media we follow and read are full of useless columnists who makes impractical comments. They provided no benefit to my daily trading activities nor helped me make money… But Monica is different.
I have been following her for two years already, and she has made enormous contributions to my investment strategies and trading system.
Honestly speaking, she is the only columnist that publishes views and trading signals like a ‘real trader’.
So, if you would want to feel the support from a real trader in your investment activities, you are at the right place.”

Nov 20, 2021 – Evren Çağlar – Turkey

I have been reading Monica’s analyses for some 4 months running now. I think her articles are very accurate and valuable, thank you very much Miss Kingsley.”

Oct 27, 2021 – Koray Akbiyik – Turkey

Monica’s excellent reports must always be recognized and differentiated. Such high performers are intrinsically motivated by doing excellent work and producing something that impresses others. I’m very happy about her quality analytics spanning the many markets and enjoy her thoughts very much.”

Aug 13, 2021 – Naresh M Soni – India

I have been following Monica since mid 2021 and have found her to be a perfect blend of a trader, investor and macro strategist.
Her timely analysis of the markets has helped me make informed decisions. She belongs to that faction of analysts who are professional, honest and always reveal the truth through her periodical market analysis reports. I really haven’t come across many analysts having such deep understanding of markets, commodities and macroeconomic trends.
I wish she achieves all the success she deserves.
Kudos! Monica, that’s the way to go.

Feb 04, 2022 – Abhinna R. – India

“I have known Monica since March 2020 – I’m very happy about her quality analysis spanning the many markets and I enjoy her thoughts very much. Her performance as regards short- and medium-term analysis is very good, and I can make a profitable use of her writings in my options trading.

Apr 01, 2022 – Venkatesh V. – India

“I have been following Monica Kingsley on different research portals since early last year. I always observed she is has strong grip on Fundamental and Technical Analysis. I remember the wording of her Analysis when Crash of 2020 was going to end. At exact point of rally she confidently bought into Stocks . This was a time when everyone was victim of fear and uncertainty – not a single Analyst was saying to start buying but she “forced us” through her Analyses to buy and hold stocks especially since she was focused on the S&P 500 and Nasdaq.
I am very very thankful to her for always delivering her truly best knowledge to us all for our profitable trading.”

Mar 04, 2021 – Joseph W. – United Arab Emirates
(Monica’s comment: the testimonial author is genuine, has in-depth knowledge of my work since spring 2020, and is in touch with me extensively over Twitter, but I have a reason to believe he’s concealing his true identity by providing untrue identifiers. I consider it as an implicit request for full privacy.)

“Monica, I’m reaching out to thank you for your great articles and insights that I’ve been following, reading your deep markets analysis for some time now. I found it one of the best daily intuitive and comprehensive write ups that combines both technical and fundamentals approach on the internet space.
I appreciate your work and informative methods which are helping people to decide upon investment tools that suit their targets and timeframes, especially that those are daily free tips and that’s really kind and thoughtful.
Thanks again dear Monica for your daily pro dose!”

Nov 13, 2021 – Nabil Meshaal – United Arab Emirates

“I have been following Monica’s market calls keenly for almost 2 years already, usually reading the daily emails and then sometimes visiting the website as well. Her calls are spot on, and form a big part of my trading strategy. Her recent decisions in terms of long and short positions have been spot-on and really amongst all the market “pundits”, she is the one I have come to rely on and take seriously.”

Feb 03, 2022 – Farhan Meerza – United Arab Emirates

“I’ve been following Monica’s daily analyses since early 2020, and find them very insightful and pleasant to read. Her stock market and precious metals studies belong among the very best in class. She is clearly a seasoned financial professional and I hope to be benefiting from her writings and calls for a very long time – come what may.”

Feb 12, 2021 – M.J. Crous – South Africa

It’s been my pleasure to be have been helping the innumerable fine ladies & gentlemen, in the past and the present – and I would love to do the very same for you!
We’re living in the era of increasing importance of active money management, high quality insights and trading calls’ timing with respect to risk.

Please do check out my bio and trading journey if you hadn’t done so already.

At Your service, with care,
The warm Texas way,

Monica Kingsley
Twitter: @Monica___K
Telegram: @MonicaKingsley (not maintained at the moment)
Telegram channel: TradingwithMonica (not maintained at the moment)
Commenting heavily at Investing.com and TalkMarkets.com

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