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Precious metals analyses are part and parcel of the free Stock Trading Signals. Here, you‘ll find the trade position calls and surrounding reasoning.

Sign into your account on my site and read the rich chart section of the full daily articles. Formal trade calls frequency went down by mid 2022 – even more so on launch of intraday services and even deeper stock market analytics (sectors and stocks).


Jun 16, 2021 – Awaiting the Fed – Gold has inordinarily suffered through the taper fears, and… MORE>>

Jun 14, 2021 – Miners Unchanged – Gold is getting inordinarily spooked while neither… MORE>>

Jun 11, 2021 – Miners Load – Gold moves better be viewed through the leading miners – these… MORE>>

Jun 10, 2021 – Downswing Readily Repelled – Gold is confirming yesterday mentioned point of being… MORE>>

Jun 09, 2021 – Miners Improve – Gold is more vulnerable than silver to a scared dump, and the miners… MORE>>

Jun 08, 2021 – Patience Play – Gold remains vulnerable to an opportunistic dump, and silver alongside… MORE>>

Jun 07, 2021 – Bidding Their Time – Precious metals pared Thursday‘s setback to a good degree only, and… MORE>>

Jun 04, 2021 – Good Rebound – Gold got spooked, and the PMs dive bore signs of panic, but… MORE>>

Jun 03, 2021 – Metals Down – Gold ascent is slowing down, but miners don‘t support a lasting… MORE>>

Jun 02, 2021 – Miners Getting Stronger – Gold and silver aren‘t giving up gained ground – why… MORE>>

Jun 01, 2021 – Miners Keep Strong – Gold upswing remains well supported by the little lagging… MORE>>

May 28, 2021 – Miners’ Consolidation – Gold is holding up strongly, and has been in little need of miners‘ support… MORE>>

May 27, 2021 – Miners Just Consolidate – Precious metals are behaving as if the inflation battle has been… MORE>>

May 26, 2021 – Miners Move a Little – Gold and silver are set to benefit – be it… MORE>>

May 25, 2021 – Miners Lag – Gold and miners aren‘t flashing warning signs, and silver… MORE>>

May 24, 2021 – Miners Are Waiting – Gold and silver have been going different ways, with the white metal… MORE>>

May 21, 2021 – Gold Pause – Gold and silver aren‘t crashed by the Fed noises about prepping for… MORE>>

May 20, 2021 – Gold Barely Stopped – Gold caught a safe haven bid but the miners hesitated… MORE>>

May 19, 2021 – Gold Runs – Gold and silver survived the pressure quite fine unless you look at… MORE>>

May 18, 2021 – Consolidation, Beware – Gold and silver fireworks go on, and the miners support these moves – including… MORE>>

May 17, 2021 – Fireworks Continue – Gold and silver enjoy the retreating yields, unequivocally. And not even copper‘s… MORE>>

May 14, 2021 – PMs Upswing Proceeds – Gold and miners resilience leading to further upswings, is on – and it seems that precious metals… MORE>>

May 13, 2021 – Miners Say It’s Okay – Gold and miners remain relatively resilient, and one isn‘t leading… MORE>>

May 12, 2021 – Miners Don’t Confirm Yet – Gold, silver and miners stood the test, and remain consolidating at the high ground gained. MORE>>

May 11, 2021 – Gold Rises Up Again – Gold, silver and miners are in a vulnerable position even though neither the technical nor… MORE>>

May 10, 2021 – Strength Begets Strength – Gold is making its run, unhampered by the nominal yields rising on the day. Miners have… MORE>>

May 07, 2021 – Second Day of Strength – Gold and silver fireworks arrived, and more is to come! What a better proof than… MORE>>

May 06, 2021 – Overt Signs of Strength – Gold and silver are about to shake off the dollar shackles as they catch up to commodities that have left them in… MORE>>

May 05, 2021 – Subtle Signs of Strength – Gold rose on the S&P 500 selloff only to reverse lower, but has anything materially changed? MORE>>

May 04, 2021 – Strength vs. Question Marks – Gold market enjoyed its fireworks, aided mightily by the silver squeeze run. The inflation theme is… MORE>>

May 03, 2021 – Smashing Return of Strength – Friday‘s retreating Treasuries though didn‘t lift gold, and neither helped miners – it‘s not that inflation expectations would be… MORE>>

Apr 30, 2021 – Not Yet Out of the Woods – Treasuries though took their toll upon gold – the nominal yield going up did bite, even though… MORE>>

Apr 29, 2021 – Sharp Daily Correction – The key more in the gold sector was in the miners, whose continued resilience is a… MORE>>

Apr 28, 2021 – Just a Brief Correction – It‘s the precious metals that are on the defensive – a fact I had been writing about both on Monday and Tuesday, as well as… MORE>>

Apr 27, 2021 – Silver Warning Sign – Gold miners didn‘t outperform the yellow metal yesterday while silver did – are the ingredients for a metals‘ top in place? MORE>>

Apr 26, 2021 – Gold Is Strong, Patience – Gold took sensitively to the rise in yields, and retreating dollar didn‘t lift it up really. The yellow metal… MORE>>

Apr 23, 2021 – Just a Daily Test – Gold or miners held up reasonably well yesterday, and I look for them to be fastest in recapturing the… MORE>>

Apr 22, 2021 – Just a Daily Correction – Gold welcomes this reflation period with nominal yields becoming a tailwind, as reflation is also a time when… MORE>>

Apr 21, 2021 – Gold’s Fireworks – Gold defied the daily selling stretching over to commodities such as oil. Gold and miners also… MORE>>

Apr 20, 2021 – Still Just a Correction – Gold got caught in the daily selling, but again the miners and commodities reveal how little has changed. Oil and copper… MORE>>

Apr 19, 2021 – Modest Daily Correction – Miners keep supporting the upswing in both metals, and the technical picture has turned, reflecting the… MORE>>

Apr 16, 2021 – Breakout Goes On – Gold loved the TLT upswing and Powell‘s assurances about not selling bonds back into the market… MORE>>

Apr 15, 2021 – The Breakout Day – Precious metals didn‘t swing higher immediately, but I expect them to take the commodities‘ cue next. When Powell says… MORE>>

Apr 14, 2021 – Miners Just Carry On – CPI inflation is hitting in the moment, and its pressure would get worse in the coming readings. Yet the… MORE>>

Apr 13, 2021 – Strong Miners’ Outperformance – No rotation is what gold is sensing as it grew weak yesterday. The rising yields aren’t yet at levels causing issue for the S&P 500, but… MORE>>

Apr 12, 2021 – Are Miners About to Underperform Today? – Inflation in the pipeline is one of the reasons behind gold‘s resilience – and its continued rebound off the… MORE>>

Apr 09, 2021 – Miners Are Still Strong – Gold has retreated from yesterday‘s almost $1,760 highs accompanied by continued miners‘ outperformance. That‘s likely on account of… MORE>>

Apr 08, 2021 – Rebound Instead of a Test – Gold kept its run above $1,740 intact and regardless of the daily weakness in the miners – should that one be… MORE>>

Apr 07, 2021 – The PMs Coming Test – Gold made a run above $1,740 in line with retreating yields and copper not giving up much gained ground, but the immediate run‘s continuation to the… MORE>>

Apr 06, 2021 – PMs Push Higher – There are pockets of strength even though the $CRB index moved down yesterday. Not the case of precious metals, if a joint view is taken. MORE>>

Apr 05, 2021 – Miners Concur – The Fed thus far quite succeeded in passing the inflation threat off as transitory, but the rebalancing into a higher inflation envrionment is underway – just look at… MORE>>

Apr 02, 2021 – please see the latest Easter Holiday Update for Stocks and Gold for more – As the markets are closed today with the exception of bond ones, I would like to wish you Happy Easter – and if you don’t celebrate it, enjoy the extra time off, away from the markets, with your closest ones. MORE>>

Apr 01, 2021 – The Great Unfolding Rebound – Precious metals are noticing the changing leadership baton, and have rebounded. Anticipating the… MORE>>

Mar 31, 2021 – Double Bottom Shaping Up? – Gold isn‘t yet sensing the coming Fed intervention – similar to Europe or Australia, the central bank would have to… MORE>>

Mar 30, 2021 – Approaching Support Again – Both commodities and precious metals are under pressure in today‘s premarket session. Another undoing of the miners‘ outperformance? MORE>>

Mar 29, 2021 – Yields Are Biting Again – Gold might be sensing the upcoming pressure on the Fed to act, but its today’s performance… MORE>>

Mar 26, 2021 – Miners Bidding Their Time – After the upswing off the Mar 08 lows faltered, the bears had quite a few chances to ambush this week, yet… MORE>>

Mar 25, 2021 – Miners Are Hinting at a Change – Gold is again a few bucks above its volume profile $1,720 support zone, and miners aren‘t painting a bullish picture. Resilient when faced with… MORE>>

Mar 24, 2021 – Gold Still in a Precarious Position – While nothing has substantially changed, we got a serious whiff of risk-off environment, pertaining precious metals too. MORE>>

Mar 23, 2021 – Intraday Update for Gold #1 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

Mar 23, 2021 – The End of Gold’s Upswing? – Gold is an island of relative, temporary peace, but the miners are concerningly weakening – both gold and silver ones. Darkening clouds… MORE>>

Mar 22, 2021 – Gold Is Fine Today – But Silver? – The precious metals upswing goes on, and landed the yellow metal comfortably above $1,740. Not too spectacular, but the miners… MORE>>

Mar 19, 2021 – Gold Is Bidding Its Time – The gold market is springing back to life, and the precious metals upswing rationale is still very much… MORE>>

Mar 18, 2021 – GDX To the Rescue – While we got a good confidence building Fed move yesterday, I don‘t see it as strong enough to power precious metals higher immediately. It‘s nice that… MORE>>

Mar 17, 2021 – Another Turning Point in the Metals – For gold, the key question remains whether copper upswings will outpace any yield increases on the long end, which… MORE>>

Mar 16, 2021 – Gold Upswing Challenged – The precious metals upswing is going fine, and the miners keep outperforming – such was the truth before the market open. Will the weakening mining indices recover from this daily pause? MORE>> 

Mar 15, 2021 – The Gold Upswing Lives On – Inflation expectations are rising – and the bond market is reflecting that. The market‘s discounting mechanism is… MORE>>

Mar 12, 2021 – The Fight for $1,700 in Gold – Gold rebounded on Tuesday, and the rally took it above $1,730 but the daily reversal is concerning. As I wrote yesterday in the title,… MORE>>

Mar 11, 2021 – More Than a Little Suspicious Dillydallying in Gold – While the Fed is prepping the markets for (temporary, they say) higher inflation readings, gold didn‘t react too bullishly to… MORE>>

Mar 10, 2021 – Gold Still Hesitating on Mildly Positive CPI – Even though signs of higher inflation are fundamentally positive for gold, it’s not yet enough to serve as an upswing catalyst. MORE>>

Mar 09, 2021 – PMs Upswing Is Here – Will It Be a Game Changer? – Gold market offered proof of being finally ready for a rebound, and it‘s visible in the closing prices of the yellow metal and its miners. Being… MORE>>

Mar 08, 2021 – The Travails and Waiting in Gold – We have good odds of long-term rates not pressuring the yellow metal as much as recently, and inflation expectations are also rising (not as well anchored to 2% as the Fed thinks / says). As I‘ll… MORE>>

Mar 05, 2021 – The Still Elusive Gold Upswing – Food inflation running hot, commodities on fire, and gold is going nowhere still. The bears are vocal, and I‘ve… MORE>>

Mar 04, 2021 – Gold Still Resting At the Support – No shortage of gloomy charts in gold, accompanied by various calls for a local bottom. The most bullish… MORE>>

Mar 03, 2021 – Gold Still Testing the Support – Its Lower Border – Gold scored modest gains yesterday, but these aren‘t enough to flip its short-term outlook bullish. Yes, it‘s sitting within… MORE>>

Mar 02, 2021 – Gold Resting at Support – Where Next? – What about the embattled gold? Its seasonality component was „slated“ to… MORE>>

Mar 01, 2021 – Look at Silver Again! – As for gold, it should recover given the retreating long-term yields, but Fri didn‘t bring any signs of… MORE>>

Feb 26, 2021 – No Follow Through Since Monday Was Suspicious – Are we seeing a trend change, or a time-limited yet powerful push lower? That depends upon the asset –… MORE>>

Feb 25, 2021 – Watch Out Gold, It‘s TLT Again – Did gold shake off the TLT shackles? I‘m getting increasing doubts that only a strong move to the upside would dispel. As… MORE>>

Feb 24, 2021 – Gold Under the TLT Spell Again? – Did gold shake off the TLT shackles? Still early to say,… MORE>>

Feb 23, 2021 – Pre-Powell PMs Volatility Is Telling – Long-term Treasuries are arguably the key asset class for every precious metals investor to watch. What used to be gentle decoupling signs over the latest weeks and months, got… MORE>>

Feb 22, 2021 – Gold and Silver Are Running Again – Gold is the most affected, as the sensitivity of its reaction to the rising long-tern yields, has picked up very noticeably. How long before… MORE>>

Feb 19, 2021 – Good Start for Gold While Silver Runs Again – The bearish sentiment in gold and miners is running rampant, and it‘s been only yesterday when I answered a question on ominous head and shoulders patterns in the making… MORE>>

Feb 18, 2021 – Is the Gold Decoupling From Rising Treasury Yields Being Lost? – Gold has frontrunned the other commodities through the corona deflationary shock, and appears waiting for more signs of inflation. It didn‘t… MORE>>

Feb 17, 2021 – PMs Again Under Pressure – Struggling in the $1,775 area as retail sales came above expectations, the gold bulls are again being put to test. Silver… MORE>>

Feb 16, 2021 – PMs Recovery from the Premarket Woes – After a steep plunge below $1,790, gold bulls stepped in, and prices are again in no man’s land at $1,810. Silver recovered from its dip much better. Is this the… MORE>>

Feb 15, 2021 – Silver Flying, Gold Meandering & More Proof of PMs Bull – Gold remains a drag on the precious metals performance, with silver and platinum flying. The miners‘ outlook and internal… MORE>>

Feb 12, 2021 – Searching for a Local Bottom in Gold – Gold‘s hardship is another cup of tea, standing in stark comparison to how well silver and platinum are doing. At the same time, the dollar hasn‘t really… MORE>>

Feb 11, 2021 – Pause in the PMs Upswing – Bullish or Not? – The very short-term action in gold and silver is one of consolidation. Hard to say whether another modest push lower would come or not, but I’m leaning… MORE>>

Feb 10, 2021 – PMs Are Just Charging Higher – The anticipated gold rebound is underway, and the significant upper knot of yesterday‘s session isn‘t concerning – gold is not… MORE>>

Feb 09, 2021 – PMs Are Charging Higher As The Next Upleg Approaches – The anticipaded gold rebound is underway, and my open long position is solidly profitable right now. In line with the case I‘ve been making since the end of January,… MORE>>

Feb 08, 2021 – Gold Is Springing Into Action – Gold did recover on Friday, and didn‘t disappoint after Thursday‘s slide. The weak non-farm employment data certainly helped, sending the dollar bulls packing. It‘s my view that… MORE>>

Feb 05, 2021 – The Anatomy of the Precious Metals Bull – Gold pause gave way to selling pressure yesterday, spurred to a degree by the post-Monday‘s trading action. As both metals declined by around 2.5%, this move probably appears overdone to more than a few. Me included, as I called it a kneejerk reaction before yesterday‘s close. … MORE>>

Feb 04, 2021 – Gold Is Under Pressure, Rightfully So This Much? – Gold paused yesterday, and of course still doesn‘t look ready to rebound. But does it mean it‘s acting consistently weak? No, and today‘s analysis will show that its better days will come – and we won‘t have to wait for all that long. … MORE>>

Feb 03, 2021 – No Wonder Gold Gave Up the Modest Squeeze Gains – despite yesterday’s understandable downswing, gold remains in a bull run, getting ready to break out of its consolidation – and today’s analysis brings one more proof for that … MORE>>

Feb 02, 2021 – Gold Predictably Fails to Gain Traction from Silver Squeeze – gold isn‘t out of the woods in the short run, but the medium-term case remains bullish, and is actually getting stronger even as the yellow metal remains rangebound for now. … MORE >>

Feb 01, 2021 – How Close Is Gold to a Breakout? – Gold has been holding up on Friday, and not reacting to the weakness in stocks. Just in time for the silver short squeeze…. MORE >>

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