***  Nov 27, 2023 Announcement ***

(excerpt of more extras introduced – this is the full version)

I‘ll give a more formalized, more regular format to the Stocks and Sectors section that I had been releasing freely so often since expanding the scope in early Oct. Newly, I‘ll feature several sectors (whether in charts or in writing) in a way that benefits longer-term investors that seek to capitalize on the key macro landscape and shifts work I do for you for years already, every Sunday / Monday at least. It‘ll be about the most promising sectors (overweight, the outperformers) such as (for now still) tech, communications and either of financials / industrials / energy – with the view to feature such a selection of sectors that are likely to do well for severals weeks, making them ideal for everyone, not just quickly in and out daytraders.

This will be a new ground consistently covered (featuring price levels such as supports, resistances, good take-profit / stop-loss areas whenever justified) on top of the continued detailed index analysis with market calls (swing trading within both daily publications – Trading Signals and Stock Signals) – just like you requested and we had been finetuning over the past weeks. Thank you for all the great feedback and accuracy appreciation!

*** Oct 08, 2023 Finest Announcement ***

Here is what’s new following Tue Oct 03 announcement – as I tweeted Sat Oct 08 (now with practical details).

As only 3 (three) of you have taken me up on the call to expand free Twitter services, I’ll redraw the balance and expand both premium publications with stock / sectoral views (not intraday views).

These 3 people have been rewarded with monthly free Stock & Intraday Signals – just like I gave out the loyal premium clients 2 months or 1 year of Intraday Signals free back in Jun.

Premium Intraday Signals will be upgraded with occasional individual intraday stock thoughts.

I’m most happy to announce what’s been so long in the making !!
Ellin Hermes is joining me in providing you with these intraday index and intraday stock perspectives – Ellin (= ellinas = Greek man)
is a great man, experienced daytrader and fine chart thinker, specializing in stock indices and individual stock picking, with a special knack for midcap stocks and hidden volatile gems.

You know everything already about us, me and him will together deliver more premium services for you.
I know him, his smashing work and fine market insticts increasingly more since summer 2021, and I’m very happy we’re launching together!

Monica’s Intraday Signals hereby changes into Monica & Ellin Intraday !

That’s #3 option on my Join page, and of course it’s part of both my Trading Signals and Stock Signals daily analytics as an advantageous package detailed in #1 and #2. Existing premium clients – make no changes, you’re grandfathered under the old terms – this setup applies all future clients whereby we go 50-50 on all intraday within our premium Telegram channel. Full details via this link.

Thank you and to the bright future!

Monica Kingsley

Why Sunshine Profits Is Irrelevant – To Us (Jul 22, 2023)

What a journey, how much I have learnt about the world in only the last three years (2020-2023). Experiences that would finish off anyone not adaptive and sturdy to fight. This is as much tied to honesty, ethics, immutable values, and the overwhelming amount of manipulation, exploitation, deceit, disregard to what makes us human – all sadly what I had encountered frequently in the professional world.

I’m talking about the quest for justice, announced on Nov 12, 2021 – I mean the defamation lawsuit. First instance verdict has been announced, and while I had been predictably exonerated, I find it disturbing that so was the defendant. even though I established in court beyond rules of logic and life experience that:

– fake bio published served to demean me in public opinion, and did so
– fake bio contained numerous misrepresentations of reality, untruths
– my track record, analytics and market calls were never questioned
– I was repeatedly throughout 2018-2021 praised for my ethics, skills and achievements
– my real professional bio was removed after I could finally leave
– it was removed without any intention to bring my name ever back by the defendant
– fake bio was created and published days after my independent site went live
– fake bio sought to disparage me before professional audience and financial portals
– the defendant desperately sought to paint me in negative light at any cost
– the defendant undeniably undermined my honor, and is to this day seeking to humiliate me
– the defendant was unfoundedly spreading accusations of mine for unethical conduct
– the defendant was directing such unfounded accusations of contractual breaches to financial portals
– the defendant never registered his unfounded claims with any Court
– I was never interested in sending own analyses to Sunshine Profits
– I refused in writing to be ever contacted by the defendant, yet he repeatedly didn‘t heed that
– the defendant instituted publication limitations against myself

The defendant’s actions lasting for three years and counting, brought me into public disrepute, also seriously interfered with my site’s development, and led to actual loss of confidence necessary for my professional activities. In failing to condemn the demeaning and false allegations against myself, I unequivovally view that my personal dignity and honor (as defined in the Art. 212 §1 Penal Code), were not protected.

If honor isn‘t freedom from incessant personal attacks on reputation – then I don‘t know what is.
If dignity isn‘t freedom from slanders and malicious insinuations – then I don‘t know what is.
If humiliation isn‘t dealt with to protect me from actions seeking to destroy ability to earn livelihood and subjugate me – then I don‘t know what‘s dignity and honor.

This is not a mere personal rights infringement case. There is a tight line between freedom of speech, and prohibited ad personam attacks that sought to cripple me, limit my possibilities, and force me into financial servitude to the defendant’s benefit.

The whole legal saga clearly revealed whose testimony has been deemed unreliable and conflicting written evidence, the actual vs. professed standards of ethics, the true operating principles including towards paying subscribers. As I maintain, my experience with the defendant has been a nightmare, a place you just can’t leave without being pursued.

Is it a coincidence that I’m blacklisted at a number of key portals since declaring independence? No.
Is it a coincidence that no client ever criticized my professional ways or questioned my ethics? No.
Is it a coincidence that I terminated cooperation in Sep 2020, and not the other way round? No.
Is it a coincidence that I didn’t want to be connected with Sunshine Profits anyhow since Sep 2020? No.

Does it matter whether you prove lies and deal with ad hominem allegations? No.
Does it matter whether you refute every abstract statement and red herring? No.
Does it matter whether witnesses testify under oath in contradiction of written evidence? No.
Does it matter whether subscribers have been misled and harmed? No.
Does it matter whether demonstration of power inside the company came above client interests? No.
Does it matter whether management techniques involve humiliation? No.
Does it matter whether I was forced to return to authoring analyses under duress? No.
Does it matter whether my salary was cut without basis in law after I terminated cooperation? No.
Does it matter whether “misrepresentations of reality” about myself were and are being spread around? No.
Does it matter whether I was deprived of professional opportunities? No.
Does it matter whether my site growth was cut probably in half? No.

The only thing missing would be if I were offered financial assistance to make me withdraw the indictment before proceedings even started… Oh, wait – that’s a story for another day…

It does’t even matter that I requested in writing on Dec 2020 to be left alone, yet that I received this semianonymous letter in Mar 2021 inside an envelope marking the author as Przemyslaw Radomski sent from his law firm simultaneously with pre-trial demand for payment that was never pursued in any court. This “legal” letter authorship was accepted in the Court and wasn’t disputed by Przemyslaw Radomski – and as I have every right to publish incoming legal correspondence, I’m orderly quoting select parts of this letter seeking to take away my will to live and to push me into lifelong financial servitude.

Does this pass standards of legal correspondence, is this a representation of a non-harassing and non-extorting law abiding behavior and ethical standards fitting CFA charterholder conduct in your opinion?

I guess that your actions created a much bigger threat for yourself than for me or my company.

I consulted this upcoming legal case (agreements, plus all the evidence we secured) with a second legal counsel, and they also told me I have north of 90% probability of winning it.

I have archives of practically everything that you have done online in the recent weeks and it all confirms claim that we’re making in the official document. I have archives of your hostile (they are hostile in the opinion of other people from the SP Team, both legal counsels’, and my own) messages.

This all means that either the court would issue a warrant of payment right away, or after a relatively short trial. With this warrant, I would go the bailiff (a.k.a. reposession agent), who would then freeze your bank & brokerage accounts, notify your landlord that all payments have to go toward the warrant and not to the landlord directly, and so on. We’re both in the EU, so this would be executed effectively (I checked). I’d present the court order to all third parties imaginable where it would be legal to do so (including news portals), who would then in all likelihood all stop publishing your analyses. Your “newsletter writer” career would be over, and you would have much bigger problem, because whatever company you would then work for, would also be notified by the bailiff and you’d not be able to earn much, if anything at all.

Knowing your emotional side, I’m afraid that this could – how to say it nicely – “negatively affect your willingness not only to pursue the newsletter writer path, but all other paths as well”.

You might be surprised by what I’m about to write.

I would require you to send us 30% of your gross (!) income (without tiers, linear scale). It’s “gross”, not “net”, because this means I won’t need to verify anything regarding your cost structure.

I’d require you to remove anything that’s Sunshine Profits’ related on your website / articles / comments etc. – that could be viewed as something negative (be that quote, comment or testimonial). I would allow you to use the profitability statistics – the chart from SP with logotype that confirms the validity of the data.

Additionally, I’d require you to include at least two backlinks to the dictionary / explanation section on our website(s) per week.

On my end, I would remove your bio from our page (which we have there legally – I triple checked), and I’d ask all portals to resume your publications.

Just a reminder nonetheless – we’re not negotiating. If you don’t want the agreement on these terms (I’m not open to negotiations, the above is the most that I’m willing to provide you with), and prefer to go the legal way, we can do so. In fact, I already paid for preparation of the court documents – but it doesn’t mean that I have to use them. Please send me a one-sentence email with how you’d like to proceed. Then, we’ll either sign a new revenue-sharing agreement (I’d send you the document with the above-mentioned details), or we’ll take this to court.”

Stunningly, the Court doesn’t find this quasilegal correspondence with an “offer you can’t refuse” troubling.
No, it doesn’t matter that I request in writing at the end of “cooperation” not to be harassed – this “extrajudicial offer” and worse, flies in Court.
And did I get an even worse “offer” later on, in return for my willingness to reconcile? Makes you go, hmm.
Who on Earth can decide that the fake bio, unfounded accusations of unethical conduct, and publication limitations, all thrown in as bargaing chips with a particularly reprehensible motivaton, are not humiliating or undermining my dignity?

What to do when a slam dunk legal remedy fails to bring the desired outcome? Sure I can appeal the ruling – and I have done so. Sure there is the civil law (personal rights infringement) route to take. My excellent legal team at Gautier Law Firm always does a truly smashing job – that’s the only thing I can rely on. They are the ones honorable.

I wish I could say the same about the legal system experience, for I don’t believe justice can be reached by:

  • ignoring written evidence well beyond my non-business legal status until Jul 2022,
  • ignoring factual, evidenced circumstances culminating in my decision to exit with all the concurrent and subsequent misleading and not putting clients’ interests first,
  • parroting logically and factually deficient opponent’s arguments, and finally
  • employing cherry picking sophistry that results in mockery of the concepts of dignity and humiliation with denial of professional opportunities.

I’m protesting what must be considered as such a violation of Code of Criminal Procedure by the Court of first instance, and filing a practically obligatory appeal no matter how I have unfortunately experienced justice to work in practice. Perhaps the appeals Court would remedy that. If you ever see that my ability to comment on legal proceedings is ever being interfered with by any Court, I guess you know where this process of seeking justice is going…

Further, I’m notifying CFA Institute, sharing this quasilegal letter, and calling upon it to duly investigate for its own ethical standards compliance and to request all my written filings with ample actual evidence proving conscious sacrifice of client interests, which is the only proper route to evaluate whether “standards of subscriber care that doesn’t mislead, obfuscate or take advantage of” and “ethical conduct not bearing hallmarks of defamation / harassment / extortion resulting in undermining my honor and dignity” in line with its own ethical standards have been met by one of their charter holders, and to announce their findings publicly while respecting personal dignity and privacy of the parties involved.

I can change strategy and focus at any time.
I will not fall for any provocations.
I won’t write memoirs about “cooperation”.
I will not publish reciprocal bio, deluge of negative testimonials or disgraced professional records.
I will not quote colorful language of those who suffered immense financial losses over the years.
All through misplaced trust in stubborn sophistry refusing to recognize bullish PMs since 2018.
All through listening to siren songs of imminent crash if you just keep holding the fucking shorts.

Enough has been alreadu written publicly (and privately to myself by disgruntled Sunshine Profits clients) – e.g. at SiteJabber where Sunshine Profits as a company has a rating of 3 stars out of 5:

“PR” has a silver tongue. He has a most convincing way of writing. He really assures you He knows what he is doing and is giving you the most accurate advice. He uses no stops! He tells you if you want to use a stop make up your own? He will hold on to a losing position Forever with no stop. I did lose over $1 million listening to him. My fault. My choice. I’m over 21. For years now his only word for gold and silver is “short”. He is perpetually short the precious Metals. He is very convincing- until you look at your monthly account report.
November 2nd, 2021 – I lost over $1 million listening to radomski

PR provides a huge amount of information in his daily reports. However, my main reason for giving a low score is his unwillingness to take advantage of swings in price direction. Once he gets in a position he stays in the position. He loves to talk about how the market rhymes (and it does in a very subjective way), but if you follow his trading methodology you will miss making a lot of money when there are trend changes, often months long. I subscribed to his service for two and a half years and the profits were marginal when one considers the monthly cost is $200/mo, So far PR has made more money from me than I have made from the market. I have noticed that, in his daily reports, he will say that the trend change is imminent. Then after a week of continual upside the wording changes from “imminent” to “the next few weeks”, then “next few weeks to months”. All the while you miss out on the profit that is being lost as you sit there and watch what little profit you did have disappear as the price of gold just keeps rising and rising (this is assuming he is calling for a short position). He claims he is not a perma-bear. But I cannot see where this is true. Once he has decided the direction he sets up a position and stays in it regardless of any outside factors and then adjusts the commentary to explain why the current price movement is irrational and will turn soon. The turn is just around the corner, or maybe next week, or next month or by the end of whenever. As I write this, gold has gone from a low of $1,618 (11/3) to $1,869 (1/06/2023@ 11:10am). In all that time every report stated that the economic fundamentals, chart pattern rhyming, interest rate increases, the USDX is about to explode because the new month has arrived and that is when the dollar typically makes a reversal, the masses do not recognize the FED’s intent to continue raising interest rates in order to slow down inflation, etc etc etc. John Maynard Keynes said it best, “The markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent” is the main message I want to say here. I do not fault PR’s intentions, I do however, fault his ability to recognize the difference between a substantial change is price direction vs a pullback before resuming the trend. This simple thing will result in a significant loss of money, either directly or from missed opportunity. The recent change in direction I cited above is only one of many direction changes that PR said the risk of missing the resuming of the down trend was not worth trying to capitalize on the upswing. This is not just a one off. This happened time and time again. I don’t put all the blame on PR. I am a big boy and can make my own decisions. But I can’t tell you how many times I sat at my desk saying, “This is going higher, a lot higher”, all while his daily report states that market is not taking into account some technical aspect and the current uptrend is temporary and that the down trend will resume shortly; only to read a few days later that the down trend will resume over the next few weeks/months. The lost opportunity has been staggering. Even if all you did was VWAP or basic Fibonacci or whatever, the lost trades has been enormous.
In the end, I take responsibility for my trading. What I will say is that I had never traded the PM’s and was looking somewhere to go to learn how to trade this specific class of business. I did learn a lot from Sunshine Profits (now called Golden Meadow) regarding trading instruments and such. I believe I am much better equipped to trade the PM’s now. As they say 20/20 hindsight is always 100% accurate. But no doubt if I had used VWAP in conjunction with Fibonacci I would be miles and thousands of dollars better off than using the buy and hold methodology PR provides. To put it in perspective: from the August to Jan timeframe I mentioned earlier the GDXJ went from a low of $27.85 to $39.62 (as of 11:53 am). Anyone with a decent understanding of charts and patterns would have recognized, as I did, that the price action indicated a change in direction. All I can say is, “The markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent” is very important. PR can give any number of reasons why the general masses are missing the big picture, or the forest for the trees as he likes to say. But in the end the irrational market is not irrational, it is simply the market. Traders MUST take this into account or you will suffer. I use his overall price points as goals, but I now trade the chart that is in front of me and do not hold on and hope the trend will return to the direction PR says it “should/will” go. I trade what is in front of me. If today (6 Jan 2023) provides a bearish candle indicating the direction has changed I will be short. However, there is nothing at the moment that says the downside is about to begin, nothing. That thinking only trains a person to try and catch the falling knife. As I heard Kenny Glick once say, “If you are above the VWAP in a short position or below the VWAP in a long position, you are on the wrong side of the trade. If that is the case, get out”. PR might very well be spot on with his long-term targets for gold and silver, I just cant take the hold on for dear life and hope he is right. My biggest problem as a trader has come from not taking profits along the way, taking too much risk given the risk/reward in relation to my account size and not being disciplined in using stops in order to limit my loss. PR simply establishes a position and then holds on. I can’t (no one should) trade that way. Unless of course you are using gambling money. PR opens every report with the phrase that the trade is “speculative”. I get that, but it should not mean risking it all. Trading is an art while employing solid time tested principles. Even my speculative trade positions have stops and target objectives along he during the trade cycle, I always take some money along the way. That way I never see a huge profit disappear or even go negative. This is the single greatest flaw in PR’s style of trading. He will let a giant win turn into a loss because he “knows/thinks/believes” the general market does not see what he sees. To which I say, “The markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.” Buyer be ware.
Just my two cents.
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Feb 06, 2023 – So much missed money.

Much charts, repeat prognosis, dangerous, no responses, we lost 100,000.00. Extreme dissapointment, promises never kept.
Update we have now lost 200,000.00 He advised short GDXJ for 4 months, guess what it went up over 11 points, you be the Judge. DONT listen to him. DONT give him one dime, Litigation pending.
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If you prefer to listen to a guy who predicted $9 silver and $900 gold last year in april, and thus missing by 200% for silver and 100% for gold, be my guest… lol
May 10, 2021 – Jan Buyle

This guy is always pessimistic for gold. Never saw any positive comments on gold. Also, never saw his self-criticism on his wrong analysis and predictions. Don’t understand how he has been survived in this market. Please stop writing any more comments and analysis.
May 04, 2023 – Jaeyoo Kim

or this response I received from Dwain Hobbs on Feb 19, 2021:

You dont have to take what he writes seriously and respond to it too !,, theres a decade worth of the same nonsense copy/paste material in his history , just check it .

The most toxic places and people are best to be avoided.
Like a plague.
Those are soul destroyers.
Remaining and being treated like dirt?
Run away as fast as possible if you have self respect.
If you can’t change what’s wrong, go away.
Playing others’ games will only crush you.
No matter the price to leave, see where your freedom takes you.
And here I face the tough consequences that the verdict failed to remediate.

Let’s consider though the full picture – life as such. How far I advanced in the last three years.

I survived existential challenges that 99% never have to deal with.
The costliest and most damaging arrangement and dissociation.
I built up my site from scratch against all odds.
I continued serving you as faithfully as always.
I could spread my wings and fly.
I’m independent and don’t have to be licking anyone’s ass.
My first responsibility is towards you.
I’m free and I answer only to my conscience, God, and you.
I can tell every bastard and bitch exploiting me to fuck off.
I can be true to myself.
I can be genuine in everything I do.
My heart and mind are free.
I don’t even depend upon Earthly justice being reached.
I can care for you and serve you no matter what.
I can send everyone dishonest who meant me harm, to rot in Hell.
I don’t have to spend my time on Quijotic battles with the trash of this world.
I don’t have to care about that.
I don’t need them.
I don’t have to avenge the past legally.
I don’t need to expend more public arena efforts unless I’m forced to.
My Czech legal team is also ready if need be.
Contingency plans are in place to secure the world is in the picture no matter what.
No distractions by dogs barking at the caravan.
I can play by my own rules.
I can give my time and myself to whoever I choose to.
I can be with truly amazing people.
I can do what I love doing everyday.
I can change your world for the better.
I can serve you unrestricted.
I can live in the present.
I can look to the future.
I can live and love.

Fuck them, fuck them and let’s keep working – you come first.

Monica Kingsley's pledge
My pledge:
“Dependable daily and intraday
insights and calls of highest quality.”

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Monica Kingsley – Remarkable Market Intelligence

*** May 12, 2023 Legal Update ***

In the writ of payments case (#2 lawsuit on the homepage, scroll down), the final judgement of Apr 17, 2023 confirmed my claim as valid, and ordered that Sunshine Profits must pay me for unauthorized cuts to my salary (incl. legal costs) implemented after I decided to leave the “company” in Sep 2020 when clients were misled including about termination of cooperation, and I was prevented from serving their best interests duly.

Przemyslaw Radomski – Sunshine Profits respected the binding verdict only on May 11, 2023.

*** Sep 01, 2022 Legal Update ***

The mid Sep main hearing continuation with Oct follow up, approaches. After having delivered the bulk of my testimony about broad defamation activities against myself, I’ll move to address the defendant’s reflexive counterdefamation charge against me, which „rests“ on:

1) the defendant suddenly perceiving a reprint of one reader‘s metaphorical question as an insult – see here – even though I can‘t see therein any assessment of the defendant‘s qualities, and no portal raised objections publishing it together with my professional answer distancing myself from commenting on the personality of the defendant – see here. Link to the full article.

2) me issuing Nov 12 legal update – see here – whereby I announced intiation of legal proceedings against the defendant for acts committed against myself, negatively affecting the clients whose interests allegedly come first for the defendant, and the state of affairs which I evaluate as a nightmare that‘s beginning to end.

This is a blatant and ill-founded attempt to interfere with my freedom of speech that I view as clearly in violation of both the Constitution of Poland and the case law of European Court of Human Rights.

It is unacceptable that freedom of the press to report about initiation of legal proceedings including well evidenced factual circumstances, take legitimate questions about financial markets or express subjective statements, is even being questioned by the defendant towards whom I publicly expressed tremendous goodwill in May 2021.

I‘m deeply grateful to my legal team headed by my Guardian Angel, dr Adam Gautier, who I have the honor to know since the time of greatest need…

Whenever permitted by market action, I‘ll be writing briefer analyses till Sep 10, and also lightening up on Twitter activities outside my large following so as to prepare adequately with my legal team at Gautier Law Firm for this demanding event involving long travels. Let‘s get this over and done with! Looking forward for my return to serving you all the usual way on Sep 19!

Thanks again for all your support and understanding,

Monica Kingsley

*** Nov 12, 2021 Breaking Legal Update ***

#1 I’ve filed personal indictment for defamation against a certain individual (Article 212 § 1 and 2 of the Penal Code) with the II Criminal Division of the District Court in Sopot, Poland. As a private prosecutor, I’m asking that the Court acts on multiple disciplinary fronts.

#2 I’m seeking a writ of payment issuance by the V Commercial Division of District Court in Gdansk-North, Gdansk, Poland.

This is huge! Especially the extensive #1 filing would secure some redress for a long list of serious wrongdoings that have constituted illegal demands, misled and even hurt the audience, and provide me with enhanced peace of mind in looking solely to the future. It’ll take time, but I expect justice to be served – taking so long after I proudly made the great mid-Sep 2020 decision, and terminated cooperation. Dissociating as much and as fast as I realistically could from irreformable settings since late Sep 2020 already, but still delivering to the people as best I could in spite of imposed crippled means of service provision. Whoever was living off my success, repeatedly speaking about myself with high professional esteem, won’t be spreading insinuative slanders and sour grape allegations once the dollars I had been generating were slated to stop flowing their way through my decision to exit.

All in all, criminally brazen defamation, false rumors and coercion have no place in civilized society, and every abuse would be judged! Check all my public statements below if you aren’t familiar.

Thank you for all your loyalty, support, and the honor to serve you unrestricted!

Monica Kingsley

PS It’s Nov 17, 2021 today, and the pretrial meeting will take place in 3 weeks. Also, in 1 month and 1 week (on Dec 25, 2021), my no-compete clause elapses, allowing me to start pursuing business relations in the financial industry. I’m looking forward to open mindedly explore the wealth of opportunities while continuing writing for you the way I do now!!

PS #2 It’s Dec 26, 2021 today, and my no-compete clause has elapsed. I’m getting in touch with a wide gamut of select financial industry entities so as to explore and negotiate cooperation opportunities inside their organizations. During my deciding upon own future professional path, I’ll go on writing daily and intraday for you of course!!

PS #3 It’s May 19, 2022 today, and the key main hearing is approaching. Demanding event involving long travels – I won’t be able to provide any analyses or updates till May 29, 2022, unfortunately. I want to thank my legal team at Gautier Law Firm for great ongoing cooperation. Looking forward for my return to covering the markets!

PS #4 It’s Jul 01, 2022 today, and the key main hearing is to continue shortly. Demanding event involving long travels – I’ll be issuing only brief updates for the nearest 5 trading days. I won’t be able to provide any analyses, updates or many Twitter activities between Jul 11-15, 2022. Looking forward for my return to serving you on Jul 18, 2022!

PS #5 As per the Jul 08, 2022 News & Plans announcement (below), I’ve decided to start offering premium subscription services and 1:1 consulting – boutique financial offering eventually including asset management services, is the goal.
Thanks for subscribing and all your support!

PS #6 It’s Dec 29, 2022 today. As regards the lawsuit #2 – the Judge issued the writ of payment in Jan 2022, however the defendant objected in Mar 2022. The District Court in Gdansk-North, Poland however ruled in my favor in Sep 2022, ordering the defendant to pay. The defendant appealed to the Regional Court in Gdansk, Poland, which is now weighing whether to accept the appeal or not.
The proceedings of the lawsuit #1 (defamation) before the District Court in Sopot, Poland, are still ongoing – latest hearing adjourned due to inability to attend it within the defendant’s ranks. It’s well over 2 years ago since in connection with my decision to leave, Sunshine Profits unpublished my professional bio and profitable track record while I was in charge of Stock Trading Alerts.”

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The portfolio chart shows the combined performance of my stock market, precious metals, oil and copper calls since late Jan 2021 launch (excluding cryptos). Broker fees, slippage and taxes/fees aren’t included, and as they always say, past performance is no guarantee of future results. Note the difference when Advanced Money Management is added to the Standard one. My (beyond intermarket) tools and experience is with stocks, precious metals and commodities – there I have greatest edge. Perfectly sensible from portfolio profitability and drawdown resistance – in your best interests.

*** Jul 08, 2022 News & Plans Update ***

Much happened since my last announcement. I’ve taken a good look around the financial industry, enjoyed the talks, and after much deliberation and reflection – as of today, I decided to start offering premium subscription services and 1:1 consulting, followed by asset management and additional services probably later next year – boutique financial offering is the goal.

I’ll go on writing daily and intraday, issuing and updating trade calls – my trading philosophy won’t change. Full daily articles, intraday updates and position detail mailings would be reserved for paying subscribers on my site, and briefer writings would be shared outside. Free subscribers to Monica’s Insider Club will go on enjoying valuable analytical information and instant publishing notifications.

I’m still a small site with legal responsibilities as many formidable obstacles have been thrown my way. I look forward for offering better conditions as the audience grows – thanks to you and your support.

As you had been with me, and enjoyed the great results this decade, you already know me very well. As I can’t offer yearly package via Patreon yet, I made the monthly option attractive.

Here’s the deal:
• 1 month recurring for $119
• 7-days money-back guarantee
• full access to myself, all my content & bonuses

If you join now in July and remain through October (that’s 4 months), November is for free.
Interesting yearly package to be offered in December…

Set up your premium account now as Jul 18 is when all the content you’re used to, becomes premium only.
Join Monica’s Trading Signals to unlock all the benefits and profits!

*** July 16, 2022 Update ***

If you’re interested only in premium S&P 500 market analyses and updates extending to bonds as well, then Monica’s Stock Signals are for you.
• 1 month recurring for $53
• 7-days money-back guarantee
• interesting yearly package to be offered in December
• full access to myself, all my stock market content & bonuses

Join Monica’s Stock Signals (it’s a subset of the full scale Monica’s Trading Signals) to unlock all the relevant benefits and profits!
Both options are a great value as only my 2020 stock market analyses went for $149 per month…

Thanks for subscribing & all your support that makes this great ride possible!

*** 2023 PLANS UPDATE ***

What about my 2023 plans? Giving you more than in 2022 is the key idea! You can look forward for plenty of insightful content – this takes precedence over providing asset management services. As a backup and perhaps more for some of you, I’m also today launching Telegram channel that would feature the most valuable output I’m sharing via Twitter.

I’ll keep focus on providing excellent services to you as opposed to hunting $ under management or attention hunting for high five or six digit social media following. Most see me as a competitor, especially given the breadth of what I offer and the most formidable setbacks thrown my way. Our exclusive club both publicly in analyses and behind the scenes in 1:1 consulting. Quality over quantity.

Monica Kingsley

My analyses can be found at the following honest portals putting their interests first (publishing frequency varies):

FX Street, ValueWalk, TalkMarkets, InvestorIdeas, Kitco, Advisorpedia, FXMag, MuckRack, FinanceBrokerage, MarketOracle

You won’t find me at the following places who had been happily publishing my writings only before I went independent (Jan 2021), or have stopped shortly thereafter:
FX Empire, Gold Eagle, Silver Phoenix 500, StockHouse, Capital Watch, 321gold.
Due to my professional commenting liberties being interfered with already before Mar 2022, I’m not contributing to investing.com.
In Mar 2023, I terminated all publishing at Barchart for inappropriate conduct (blocking me and my followers) – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Monica Kingsley – Introduction

Monica Kingsley is a trader and financial markets analyst with Masters Degree in Economics, majoring in economic policy.

Monica entered public consciousness with Stock Trading Alerts’ roaring successes since the service’s February 2020 return when she beat the S&P 500 hands down, and also during the glorious lengthy pre-launch period during her Sunshine Profits days.

Her rich professional background spans well beyond the world of financial markets and trading, to which she is no stranger since late 2007. Having navigated many bull and bear markets in stocks, bonds, precious metals, commodities or currencies, she has delivered great results and profitable calls to her growing audience.

Checking dozens of charts daily, she integrates their messages with economics and in-depth experience. Trade calls and writing are her cup of tea as much as studies in market histories. Swearing by responsible and active open trade management, she believes that long-term trading success lies in careful money management.

Marrying technical and fundamental analysis with her unique approach to market calls, she then spent almost 2 years at Sunshine Profits before declaring independence.

Monica Kingsley stands ready to help you as the author of her very own Stock Trading SignalsGold Trading SignalsOil Trading Signals, Copper Trading Signals and Bitcoin Trading Signals.

Enjoy and profit from her proven track record!

*** Jul 29, 2021 Breaking Update ***

My break’s major goal – concluding the optimistic peace initiative – looks seriously slipping away. I expect to come under attack through the bad faith legal case described in the mid-Mar update (red title) below – I’ll have to fight for survival in rebuffing any twisted & tortured allegations unequivocally, plus whatever follows. This is what it reminds me of.

Spending much time on legal is a matter of survival now – I won’t be able to provide extensive analyses every day. I’ll restart active trading calls and intermittent market coverage for subscribers and on Twitter. My future in the financial universe looks rosy – proxy measured through results of the continued honor to serve you, thank you so!!

Growing my professional reputation and reach this direct way furthers other scenarios to bring you more, beyond trading calls issuance & market analysis. See the portfolio performance! I would like to establish relations with hedge fund managers, financial media, commentators, brokers and other key players.

Many choices, but unless genuine, lasting peace inspired by my generous & ethical offers breaks out, I pledge to never do any business with Sunshine Profits – no matter any invitation to return.

Jul 08, 2021 Update from Monica Kingsley:

For personal reasons beyond my immediate control, I’ll be away from my site and Twitter for perhaps days, more probably weeks. I won’t open fresh positions, write daily reports or update my outlooks intraday – yesterday’s (Jul 07, 2021) email featured robust medium-term position details to survive my absence. Should I close any of the open positions in the meantime, I would let you know immediately. But I’ll continue to be for all practical reasons and purposes away.

Thank you for your understanding and loyalty – well worth the wait! I’m looking forward for seeing you asap again very much!!

May 2021 Update from Monica Kingsley :

While I had earlier written “I have never sought to be anyhow associated with Sunshine Profits since making the greatest liberating decision in Sep 2020. I neither endorse, nor recommend Sunshine Profits or its representative(s) to anyone. Ethics and personal integrity come foremost. I wish them well.”, I sincerely believe that genuine peace between myself and Mr. Radomski of Sunshine Profits is within reach and breaking out. Terrific!

*** Mar 15, 2021 UPDATE from Monica Kingsley ***

Friday Mar 12th, the adversary‘s threat of a legal challenge arrived. Assessing with my team the allegations of no-compete clause violation, personal rights infringement, copyright infringement and confidential information use, we have unequivocally found these as unfounded in full. It‘s a classic attempt to build a case in bad faith, and bully me into submission. No way in hell. If filed, their case has no prospects of being successful.

Instead of these very public fights where I am dealing them blow after blow in the market assessment and reports quality while being served underhanded retributions, I am disengaging from high intensity confrontation, stopping the legal actions I initiated wherever I can, and moderating my professional commenting. As we had been viewing the markets differently throughout 2020, we‘ll do so also in 2021, but the people are the arbiters of analytical relevance and trading success.

Taking care of our subscribers and readers is the only real way forward. Mutually bidding farewell to each other is in our best interests, which I am doing now. I am willing to deescalate further still, and should you see my meaningful reappearance at the portals blocking me, you would know that my offer of detente is taking hold.

My mission will forever be to serve my sharply growing audience in these risk-heavy and challenging markets, and it‘s these people already in and those still to come, where all my dedication, thoughts and care go towards,

Monica Kingsley

Mid Feb 2021 Update from Monica Kingsley:

I am under attack, but no longer fighting for my survival. This nightmare isn’t over, but I’m prevailing. A certain individual is spreading various false rumors, and putting illegal pressure on the few portals reembracing me. Silence, my reduced voice is sought – professional open forum exchange of ideas isn’t welcome. Amateurish attacks against my site were stopped dead in their tracks, making me smile as much as stubborn targets of $900 gold, $9 silver for years through April 2020 at least. Legal action against the perpetrator is underway on multiple fronts.

The rule of law wins over any lowly, desperate attack on myself, and real people are the ultimate judge of quality – not authors of notoriously off mark public calls, operating in the shadows. The flood of prior and new clients who have so far found me and (re)joined, casts a clear verdict on analytical relevance and trading success.Full compliance with no-compete clause here: I am a personal blog, not a business, and not getting a dime from anyone. Relying only on own intellect & life experience, flexibly interpreting charts & data my own unique ways. A few more portals cut me off regardless – victims of dark threats by the unscrupulous individual whose statements and actions don’t stand the test of truth or ethics.

This is an anticipated attack on my professional standing and freedom of expression by those whose endorsement I never even sought. Good riddance! Best decision of Sep 2020! Humble service to the people – the only grateful ones, rules! Don’t expect me to ever disappear. Please spread the word, demand my presence at your sites of choice, and also justice, especially if you can refer me to your seasoned U.S. lawyers.

See more right at the bottom of this page – Pressing Plea from Monica.

In gratitude yours,

Monica Kingsley

Pressing Plea from Monica Kingsley:

Jan 21, 2021

Dear Readers,

I’m finally back! Totally independent now thankfully, and as I can’t earn as a finance professional for 12 months, I will be providing you throughout 2021 with free daily extensive analyses and intraday trading updates whenever necessary. I’ll honored to help you out, just as I did to hundreds and thousands before already.

I need your help, please. I am starting from scratch, cut out from the many portals and all ability to talk with my prior era readers, I am relying on social media and on each one of you, to get the word out about who I am and what I do. Steadfast to my principles Texan style, with personal and professional boundaries and standards paramount, I have turned around to never look back.

People, please spread the knowledge of Monica Kingsley name so that I can bring profits to more of you – please request vocally that my content be featured at sites where you want to see it… Please request publicly that I be allowed to comment the way I welcome comments. This is key, whether you want to follow my trade ideas, or just read the analyses and to the point comments at your favorite place…

I want each of you to be really able to verify the quality of my work against what you’re getting currently.

In gratitude,

Monica Kingsley

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