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Stock Trading Signals by Monica Kingsley

Apr 12, 2024 – Almost, Almost Disinflationary PPI… – S&P 500 couldn‘t break below Wednesday‘s CPI lows in spite of it being reasonable to expect hot PPI in light of prior hot 2024 PPIs. MORE>>

Apr 11, 2024 – Hot CPI, Told You – S&P 500 didn‘t make even a little headfake on CPI as the figure was indeed too hot, 0.4% mom – ushering the long awaited correction. MORE>>

Apr 10, 2024 – Intraday Update for Stocks #1 – Reserved for Monica’s Trading Signals and Monica’s Stock Signals subscribers. Here is how to join and make the most of what I do, without compromises.

Apr 10, 2024 – Updating Pre-CPI Tape – Today‘s analysis will be reserved for paying clients – I see an emerging, clearer picture ahead of CPI, and want to reward them with first, breaking, comprehensive access to it, as a thank you for supporting my work. It ties in well with intraday success yesterday, and if the clues I see come to fruition, the implications for today’s move in the stock market and beyond, are very significant. MORE>>

Apr 09, 2024 – Reading Pre-CPI Tape – S&P 500 refused to rally over 5,270, and the sectoral overview of rising XLF and XLRE (reflecting rise in Treasuries) and XLU at expense of XLE, hint at… MORE>>

Apr 06, 2024 – NFPs Rebound, But… – S&P 500 refused further downside overnight, and it was clear within the first 30min that NFPs wouldn‘t force breakdown to lower lows. MORE>>

Precious metals, crude oil, copper (and crypto) analyses are part of the daily article’s individual chart sections, and gold & oil premium Telegram channel as of mid 2022.

Monica Kingsley – Introduction

Monica Kingsley is a trader, financial markets analyst and journalist with Masters Degree in Economics, majoring in economic policy.

Monica entered public consciousness with Stock Trading Alerts’ roaring successes since the service’s February 2020 return when she beat the S&P 500 hands down, and also during the glorious lengthy pre-launch period during her Sunshine Profits days.

Her rich professional background spans well beyond the world of financial markets and trading, to which she is no stranger since late 2007. Having navigated many bull and bear markets in stocks, bonds, precious metals, commodities or currencies, she has delivered great results and profitable calls to her growing audience.

Checking dozens of charts daily, she integrates their messages with economics and in-depth experience. Trade calls and writing are her cup of tea as much as studies in market histories. Swearing by responsible and active open trade management, she believes that long-term trading success lies in careful money management.

Marrying macroeconomics, technical and fundamental analysis with her unique approach to trade calls across many assets, she then spent almost 2 years at Sunshine Profits before declaring independence – spreading her wings and flying ever since.

Monica Kingsley stands ready to help you as the author of her very own premium, all-inclusive Trading Signals publication, the stock market only Stock Signals (both for for swing traders and investors), and broad intraday services for daytraders together with her great partner Ellin.

Enjoy and profit from her proven track record!

Performance is about the trading results of the combination of services’ calls,.
(Latest Highlight leads to timeless analytics and calls beyond stocks, precious metals, oil, copper or cryptos.)

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The portfolio chart shows the combined performance of my stock market, precious metals, oil and copper calls since late Jan 2021 launch (excl. cryptos). Broker fees, slippage and taxes/fees aren’t included, and as they always say, past performance is no guarantee of future results. Ever since the real assets formal trade calls frequency went down by mid 2022, this performance stat has become significantly undervalued – even more so on launch of intraday services and even deeper stock market analytics (sectors and stocks). Note the difference when Advanced Money Management is added to the Standard one. My rich toolbox and (intermarket) experience is with stocks, precious metals and commodities – there I have the greatest edge.
Perfectly sensible from portfolio profitability and drawdown resistance – in your best interests.

Having overcome many obstacles and reprehensible conduct to break free from Sunshine Profits or lowly fintwin tactics, there is no stopping me.
My analyses can be found at the following honest portals putting their interests first (publishing frequency and length of cooperation varies):

FX Street, ValueWalk, TalkMarkets, InvestorIdeas, Kitco, Advisorpedia, FXMag, MuckRack, FinanceBrokerage, MarketOracle

You won’t find me at the following places who had been happily publishing my writings only before I went independent (Jan 2021), or have stopped shortly thereafter:
FX Empire, Gold Eagle, Silver Phoenix 500, StockHouse, Capital Watch, 321gold.
Due to my commenting liberties being interfered with already before Mar 2022, I’m not contributing to
Mar 2023, I terminated publishing at Barchart for inappropriate conduct (blocking me and my followers) – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

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