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For personal reasons beyond my immediate control, I’ll be away from my site and Twitter for perhaps days, more probably weeks. I won’t open fresh positions, write daily reports or update my outlooks intraday – yesterday’s (Jul 07, 2021) email featured robust medium-term position details to survive my absence. Should I close any of the open positions in the meantime, I would let you know immediately. But I’ll continue to be for all practical reasons and purposes away.

Thank you for your understanding and loyalty – well worth the wait! I’m looking forward for seeing you asap again very much!!

Stock Trading Signals by Monica Kingsley

Jul 06, 2021 – The Rise of Precious Metals and Commodities – S&P 500 closed Friday on a strong note, and as the holiday-shortened week is usually accompanied by positive seasonality, it would be reasonable to expect extension of gains. Is therre any show stopper at the moment? MORE>>

Jul 02, 2021 – Roaring Comeback of Reflation and Commodities – S&P 500 broadening leadership and fresh reflationary ATHs are here – the FOMC „tightening“ hit notwithstanding. Energy, financials and industrials I discussed yesterday and before, were… MORE>>

Jul 01, 2021 – Stocks Up But Look At Metals and Oil – S&P 500 is again at new highs, but driven by value this time. Not that tech would disappoint, but heavyweights paused. Credit markets remained… MORE>>

Jun 30, 2021 – High Returns in Real Assets and Tech – S&P 500 at new highs, is the predictable daily refrain almost. Risk-on credit markets and not so risk-on stock market sectoral overview, aren‘t an obstacle as tech can be depended upon for the delivery of gains. The degree of… MORE>>

Precious metals, crude oil and Bitcoin analyses are part and parcel of the free Stock Trading Signal, including their own trade positions. Below, you’ll find respective intraday updates whenever justified by market developments.

Jun 16, 2021 – Awaiting the Fed – Gold has inordinarily suffered through the taper fears, and… MORE>>

Jun 14, 2021 – Miners Unchanged – Gold is getting inordinarily spooked while neither… MORE>>

Jun 24, 2021 – Intraday Update for Oil #2 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

Jun 24, 2021 – Intraday Update for Oil #1 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

Jun 22, 2021 – Intraday Update for Bitcoin #1 – Reserved for Monica’s Insider Club subscribers.

Jun 16, 2021 – BTC Bullish Flag – Bitcoin closed for a second day above the declining resistance line… MORE>>

Performance is about the trading results of all four services,.
(Latest Highlight leads to timeless analytics and calls beyond stocks, precious metals, oil or cryptos.)

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My analyses can be found at the following honest portals putting their interests first, such as, Barchart, Kitco and:

You won’t find me at the following places who had been happily publishing my writings only before I went independent, or have stopped shortly thereafter:

FX Empire, Silver Phoenix 500, Gold Eagle, StockHouse, Capital Watch, 321gold.

While I had earlier written “I have never sought to be anyhow associated with Sunshine Profits since making the greatest liberating decision in Sep 2020. I neither endorse, nor recommend Sunshine Profits or its representative(s) to anyone. Ethics and personal integrity come foremost. I wish them well.”, I sincerely believe that genuine peace between myself and Mr. Radomski of Sunshine Profits is within reach and breaking out. Terrific!

*** MARCH 15th UPDATE from Monica Kingsley ***

Friday Mar 12th, the adversary‘s threat of a legal challenge arrived. Assessing with my team the allegations of no-compete clause violation, personal rights infringement, copyright infringement and confidential information use, we have unequivocally found these as unfounded in full. It‘s a classic attempt to build a case in bad faith, and bully me into submission. No way in hell. If filed, their case has no prospects of being successful.

Instead of these very public fights where I am dealing them blow after blow in the market assessment and reports quality while being served underhanded retributions, I am disengaging from high intensity confrontation, stopping the legal actions I initiated wherever I can, and moderating my professional commenting. As we had been viewing the markets differently throughout 2020, we‘ll do so also in 2021, but the people are the arbiters of analytical relevance and trading success.

Taking care of our subscribers and readers is the only real way forward. Mutually bidding farewell to each other is in our best interests, which I am doing now. I am willing to deescalate further still, and should you see my meaningful reappearance at the portals blocking me, you would know that my offer of detente is taking hold.

My mission will forever be to serve my sharply growing audience in these risk-heavy and challenging markets, and it‘s these people already in and those still to come, where all my dedication, thoughts and care go towards,

Monica Kingsley

Monica Kingsley – Introduction

Monica Kingsley

Monica Kingsley is a trader and financial markets analyst with Masters Degree in Economics, majoring in economic policy.

Monica entered public consciousness with Stock Trading Alerts’ roaring successes since the service’s February 2020 return when she beat the S&P 500 hands down, and also during the glorious lengthy pre-launch period during her Sunshine Profits days.

Her rich professional background spans well beyond the world of financial markets and trading, to which she is no stranger since late 2007. Having navigated many bull and bear markets in stocks, bonds, precious metals, commodities or currencies, she has delivered great results and profitable calls to her growing audience.

Checking dozens of charts daily, she integrates their messages with economics and in-depth experience. Trade calls and writing are her cup of tea as much as studies in market histories. Swearing by responsible and active open trade management, she believes that long-term trading success lies in careful money management.

Marrying technical and fundamental analysis with her unique approach to market calls, she then spent almost 2 years at Sunshine Profits before declaring independence.

Monica Kingsley stands ready to help you as the author of her very own Stock Trading Signals, Gold Trading Signals, Oil Trading Signals and Bitcoin Trading Signals. .

Enjoy and profit from her proven track record!

Mid Feb Update from Monica Kingsley:

I am under attack, but no longer fighting for my survival. This nightmare isn’t over, but I’m prevailing. A certain individual is spreading various false rumors, and putting illegal pressure on the few portals reembracing me. Silence, my reduced voice is sought – professional open forum exchange of ideas isn’t welcome. Amateurish attacks against my site were stopped dead in their tracks, making me smile as much as stubborn targets of $900 gold, $9 silver for years through April 2020 at least. Legal action against the perpetrator is underway on multiple fronts.

The rule of law wins over any lowly, desperate attack on myself, and real people are the ultimate judge of quality – not authors of notoriously off mark public calls, operating in the shadows. The flood of prior and new clients who have so far found me and (re)joined, casts a clear verdict on analytical relevance and trading success.Full compliance with no-compete clause here: I am a personal blog, not a business, and not getting a dime from anyone. Relying only on own intellect & life experience, flexibly interpreting charts & data my own unique ways. A few more portals cut me off regardless – victims of dark threats by the unscrupulous individual whose statements and actions don’t stand the test of truth or ethics.

This is an anticipated attack on my professional standing and freedom of expression by those whose endorsement I never even sought. Good riddance! Best decision of Sep 2020! Humble service to the people – the only grateful ones, rules! Don’t expect me to ever disappear. Please spread the word, demand my presence at your sites of choice, and also justice, especially if you can refer me to your seasoned U.S. lawyers.

See more right at the bottom of this page – Pressing Plea from Monica.

In gratitude yours,


Monica Kingsley

Pressing Plea from Monica Kingsley:

Jan 21, 2021

Dear Readers,

I’m finally back! Totally independent now thankfully, and as I can’t earn as a finance professional for 12 months, I will be providing you throughout 2021 with free daily extensive analyses and intraday trading updates whenever necessary. I’ll honored to help you out, just as I did to hundreds and thousands before already.

I need your help, please. I am starting from scratch, cut out from the many portals and all ability to talk with my prior era readers, I am relying on social media and on each one of you, to get the word out about who I am and what I do. Steadfast to my principles Texan style, with personal and professional boundaries and standards paramount, I have turned around to never look back.

People, please spread the knowledge of Monica Kingsley name so that I can bring profits to more of you – please request vocally that my content be featured at sites where you want to see it… Please request publicly that I be allowed to comment the way I welcome comments. This is key, whether you want to follow my trade ideas, or just read the analyses and to the point comments at your favorite place…

I want each of you to be really able to verify the quality of my work against what you’re getting currently.

In gratitude,


Monica Kingsley

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